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Send us the link to your image galleries

There are more and more of our customers who upload their safari or Kilimanjaro trek photos to image gallery services such as FlickR, Picasa, KodakGallery and others. The latest addition is singer and songwriter Mary Clare Reinhardt who has already appeared on our blog. Her Kili pictures can be seen here. If you want to share your pictures with fellow travellers, don’t hesitate to contact us and we are happy to post your link on this blog.

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Highview Hotel supports Chinese students who build school in Karatu

Two teachers and 19 students from Yew Chung International School of Hongkong and China recently donated cash and materials worth 4.9 million Tanzania Shilling (4,200 US$) to Mlimani secondary school in Karatu. The money and materials are aimed at improving conditions at the school.

Mr. Lazaro Titus Massay the area’s councilor said two new classrooms have been constructed by the villagers and volunteers in a collaborative effort.

The donations from the students and staff have enabled Mlimani secondary school to almost double the enrolment of students from March next year. The councilor expressed  gratitude to the Chinese visitors for their contributions both in monetary form and in kind.

The Chinese visitors tour was facilitated by a local tour company, Simba Safaris and ZARA Tours’ Highview Hotel. Villagers presented the visitors with traditional  mementos.

The school is located in the arid village of Tloma at the outskirts of Karatu township. Up to April this year, the area had only one secondary school known as Ganago.

The project is ongoing, as more Chinese students will follow up the initial work. The next group is expected to be arriving in January.

Source: Jamal Hashim, MUM. Date imprinted on the photo is wrong; picture was taken November 30th, 2007.
Chinese students build school in Karatu

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Steve Howard: A lot of great safari and Kilimanjaro pictures

Our customer Steve Howard has uploaded many very good pictures of his ZARA Kilimanjaro climb and safari to Picasa. You can see them here.

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