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Zara Tours and Sustainable Tourism

Zara Tours a truly trendsetters, creating East African tours in a socially and environmentally way- not only focusing on Adventures and luxury trips but rather on sustainable tourism. In fact, Zara Tours director Zainab Ansell, founded the Zara Charity to give back to the community in which she lives and invites others to explore through treks, safari, and day trips.

Through a network of global citizens, travelers, and travel industry partners, Zara Charity is able to support the vulnerable groups in Tanzania, meeting basic needs in a powerful way. Enhancing economic development in these areas includes increasing awareness/tourism, supporting orphans, education on the Maasai women and culture, and providing jobs to locals, including porters who guide and help tourists climb Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro and Safari

Zara Charity is continually serving the community with a variety of projects, and in 2015 was honored with the Traveler’s Eye Sustainable Business Award for their contribution in Conservation, Community Development, and Capacity Building Achievement.

85% of all the money Zara Tours receives flows back into the community, boosting the local economy, protecting nature, and providing jobs to residents. Global tourists interested in visiting Tanzania, Zanzibar, Mt. Kilimanjaro, or more in Africa, are encouraged to contact Zara Tours for more information. Many of their multi-day African safaris include visits to the once in a lifetime experience of the Serengeti National Park.

About Zara Tours

Zara Tours was founded in 1987 in Tanzania Africa and is one of the largest safari operators in the region, including Kilimanjaro treks and expeditions in Zanzibar, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, South Africa, and Ethiopia. The company offers personal and group tours and safari adventures to Luxury from a day trip to 4weeks or more. Owning and operating several venues and tour travel vehicles equipped with multilingual guides, Zara Tours is the premier touring, trekking, and safari company in the region.

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