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Retired Chief of the Tanzania Peoples Defence Forces (TPDF) General George Waitara has led a group of 24 trekkers who scaled the snow-capped and highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro to mark the 54th Anniversary of the Tanzania Independence.


General Waitara was Chief of the TPDF between 2001 to 2007.

The six-day Mt. Kilimanjaro expedition, dubbed ‘Uhuru Expedition 2015’through the famous Marangu route, was organized by the Zara Tanzania Adventures (Zara tours).

Speaking during then flag off ceremony of the expedition at Marangu this month , Gen. Waitara explained that, they took to the mountain to celebrate 54 years of independence emphasizing on cleaning, protecting and conserving the mountain as well as promoting local tourism.

The flag off ceremony was attended by government officials from Kilimanjaro region including Moshi District Executive Director, Fulgence Mponji, Kilimanjaro National Park (KINAPA) Chief Park warden, Erastus Lufungulo among many others.

20151210_124217oneThe mountain Chief Guide who supervising the expedition, Faustine Chombo explained that, in the group there are also other top government officials including Ambassador Charles Sanga, Dr. Edmund Mndolwa, and Lt. Samweli Ndomba, among many others.

“I have experience of over 18 years on mountain climbing as a professional mountain guide; and I’m happy I’m leading this historical event marking the independence of our country, Chombo said.

20151210_124235oneOne of the trekkers of this year’s Uhuru Expedition commended the role played by Zara Tours in promoting tourism in the country as well as creating employment.

The founder and Director of Zara Tours Ms. Zainab Ansell said various achievements have been attained in tourism sector in 54 years since our country’s independence.

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Planning For Your Tanzania Safari

Heading out on a Tanzania safari could be one of the greatest adventures that you ever take, and because of that many people end up going back for repeat visits after their first one. However, it’s important that you keep in mind the simple fact that a bit of planning ahead is important. Knowing what to expect, packing accordingly, and planning the right experience is vital to getting the most from your African safari tours. As such, keeping a few things in mind is important.

If you’ll consider the following points you should be able to have the best experience possible when you embark on your safari. Some are obvious, some not so obvious, but all are important considerations.

  • First of all, understand just what to expect in terms of things like accommodations and dining. This isn’t a luxury resort you’re going to be staying in. However, good African safari tours will include reasonable accommodations that you will be quite comfortable in. But you shouldn’t assume you’re staying in a luxury penthouse or eating cuisine from a world famous chef.
  • Also be sure to know that your experience may vary greatly from someone else’s. The best tours will end up taking you through areas that are filled with wildlife, but there’s no guarantee for what you’ll see. One safari may experience a predator taking down a zebra, while another will see giraffes grazing in the plains. Each trip is different, and each one is an adventure.
  • Be sure to plan smart. The rainy seasons are around October, April, and May and as such you can expect heavy rainfall to be a part of your trip. Peak season runs through late December and January and will bring better experiences, but heavier demand. Plan accordingly.
  • Pack smart. Bring the right kind of clothing for an African safari tour, not high heels or flip flops. Include things like cameras, ponchos, sunscreen, and other similar items so you will be prepared for your experience on the plains of Tanzania.

There’s no way to deny the fact that a safari in Tanzania is an experience unlike anything you will experience elsewhere. But there’s also no way to deny that it’s very important to plan ahead in order to get the most from it. If you’ll keep the things above in mind you should be able to plan properly and really enjoy yourself when you head out on your adventure.

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A Tanzania Safari Makes An Amazing Gift

Whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary, or the holiday season, handing out gifts isn’t’ always easy – especially when someone seems to have it all. If you want to give something that will really impress, or if you just want to give yourself a little something special, booking a Tanzania safari experience could be the right decision. It’s a chance to give a real life adventure to someone close to you or to yourself, and as such is well worth taking a closer look at.

A Tanzania safari is exactly what you would think of when considering a safari – the chance to head into the open plains of Africa for up close and personal encounters with the wildlife that has become legendary. It’s appropriate for nearly anyone as long as they’re ready to experience a true adventure, and is a gift that will never be forgotten. If you’re not convinced, here are some benefits of giving yourself or a loved on a safari.

  • A group experience that can help you and friends or family bond and share the adventure together.
  • The chance to see wildlife up close and personal, with no zoo cages in your way.
  • Beautiful scenery and stunning landscapes everywhere you turn.
  • Memories and photographs or videos that will stay with you forever.

For those who want to go even further than the basic experience, some Tanzania safari tours offer the chance to go on even bigger adventures like climbing Kilimanjaro. That’s one of the best things about planning African safari tours – you can create the kind of trip that works best for you and your companions.

To get the most from a safari in Tanzania, it’s important to take steps to prepare. Start by choosing the right tour company, and then look into the specifics of the tour itself. Learn when to visit, what to expect during your visit, how long you’ll be there, and what to pack. Once you plan ahead, the only thing left to do is head out and experience Africa for yourself.

Instead of giving some trinket that will barely be used, consider giving a gift that will always be remembered. A Tanzania safari is a great gift for your loved ones, and is also a great present for yourself when you feel like you’ve earned it. If you’re looking for an experience like no other, there are few things that can compare to this.

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