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Tanzania: An All-Inclusive Safari Destination

Wondering when is the best time of year to take a safari tour? Tanzania actually has great options all year round. February is the perfect time to start planning your trip.

Depending on your desired departure date, Zara Tours can give you a taste of what you might see on your trip. Keep in mind, if there is a particular feature or sight that you want to see, talk to our staff before finalizing your reservation to make sure that you’re traveling at the optimum time and choosing a package that includes your desired activities. (more…)

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35 youths to participate in Ngorongoro Half Marathon

At least 35 youths are expected to participate in this year’s edition of Ngorongoro Half Marathon to be held in Karatu town next month.
The event is organized by Kilimanjaro Orphanage Centre in collaboration with ZARA Charity.

The centre’s founder and director, Lazaro Edward, a teacher by profession said the youths will only participate in a five-kilometre race.
The marathon which has been organised as a campaign against malaria is expected to attract a number of domestic and foreign tourists. READ MORE

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The Great Migration: A Storybook Tanzania Adventure

There are very few times in life that you will get to experience something out of a storybook or fairytale. The great migration in southern Africa (of zebra, wildebeest [gnu], and other antelope) gives you the opportunity to experience an authentic storybook example of Tanzania adventure. (more…)

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Six Paths, Many Goals: The Different Sides of Mount Kilimanjaro

A lot of decisions need to be made before you board your plane and make the long-anticipated trip to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. One of your initial decisions will be deciding what route to take to the iconic summit.

In total, you have six possibilities. They are:

  • Lemosho
  • Marangu
  • Umbwe
  • Shira
  • Machame
  • Rongai

If you are unfamiliar with Kilimanjaro’s terrain, or this will be your first trek to the mountain’s summit, a Kilimanjaro climbing company can be an integral part of helping you choose the best and most successful route to experience this opportunity to the fullest. (more…)

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Making a Difference One Climb at a Time

Mount Kilimanjaro has always had a harrowing and inspiring effect on the individuals who reach its summit. That inspiring effect often carries over to inspire others who make their own trek to the mountain for a Mt. Kilimanjaro tour. The effect comes full circle when it spills over to improve the lives of African communities and communities around the world.

To show you what we mean, we’ve collected some information on upcoming charity efforts that include Mt. Kilimanjaro tours. (more…)

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MOSHI:  LINDA Koeman (37), a usual from Holland is not a sailor. But still she has a right to shout: “Ahoy there!” because she managed to reach a top Mt. Kilimanjaro (5,895 metres ASL) in just two days (only 48 hours), instead of the usual 6 days through Marangu route, while wearing shoes and shorts only (with naked chest) representing the cause that everybody can maintain control over the body under extreme conditions as the freezing temperatures at the summit (Uhuru Peak) can range between -18 and -26?C (0 to -15?F).

The woman is among a group of 26 people who under the leadership of Wim Hof who recently started to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with the aim of reaching Uhuru Peak (5,895 metres above the Sea level) in just only three days and ‘surprisingly’ all the group managed to make to the highest summits of the mountain which are Gilman’s point (5,681 mts ASL) and Uhuru Peak (5,895 mts ASL) within 48 while wearing shoes and shorts only!

In exclusive interviews with ‘Business Times” at Marangu gate last week at Marangu gate during the down hilling of their expedition from the highest summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro (the Roof of Africa) Ms. Linda recalls; it was around 5.30 a.m. on January 28, 2014 after a breath taking one and half hour fast walk from Gilman’s point (5,861 mts ASL) that she managed to reach Uhuru Peak, 5,895 metres, above sea level only in shoes and shorts!

“For some seconds I totally forgot that I came along with my friend, then some 15 minutes or so later turning I saw him coming towards me in a second group and it downed on me he has made it. We both made it!” Ms. Koeman further recalled.

She recollected that was the culmination of  ‘two day Mt. Kilimanjaro climb’  as they were planned to reach the highest summits in three day instead of usual six days to reach the summit through the famous Marangu  route that to her still seems like a dream.Read More

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Zara Tours Announces Sponsorship of Ngorongoro Marathon

Zara Tours boasts the world's best African Safari ToursRun to bring much-needed awareness to malaria-stricken communities

Tanzania, Africa – Zara Tours is proud to announce that it is acting as a sponsor of the seventh annual Ngorongoro half marathon, which will be held on April 19, 2014 in Arusha, Karatu. The 14 mile (21km) run is designed to draw attention to World Malaria Day, which will be observed on April 25, 2014. Some 189 international runners have been invited to participate. (more…)

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