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Maasai suffering from ashes erupted by volcano Oldoinyo Lengai – ZARA helps

Over the past 30 years near-continuous effusion and mildly explosive eruption of natrocarbonatite lava from vents inside the crater, sometimes overflowing over the rim, have been taking place. During the past months however, activity seems to increase: Several powerful ash plumes rising up to 14 kilometres have been ejected in 2007 and 2008.

The ashes make it difficult for the Maassai living in the area – especially during the dry season – to find good pastures for their cattle. In February 2008, a lack of food was evident and Zara responded with some immediate action: Maasai employees of Zara Tours were chosen to find out about the needs of the Maasai living in the affected areas and provided with a car and money to purchase corn, sugar, rice and other food items to assist their tribal members.

Maasai food action

maasai food 2

Read here the Oldoinyo Lengai activity report.

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World Classroom Part 2

A second group of students from Yew Chung International School of Hongkong and China arrived in Karatu in February 2008 to continue what the first group started in November the year before: donating cash and materials, and personally assisting in building a new classroom for the Mlimani secondary school outside Karatu Town.

Many villagers came to bring small gifts to the visitors from the Far East. Mr. Edward Hepting, spokesperson of the group, explained that after their journey to Africa, the first group of students had set up an African display at the school. It has the aim to inform their fellow students about the help project in particular and about Tanzania more generally and therefore acts to create awareness of the needs of the country and as an ambassador of cultural learning and understanding. Mr. Hepting further said that many of the students wrote comments in the university’s journal about how much they enjoyed their mission in Karatu. He thanked Leila Ansell, director of ZARA’s Highview Hotel Karatu and her staff for the logistic support and friendly welcome.

You can read about the first group from Hongkong here.

world classroom

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