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ZARA Tours wins the 2010 Football Bonanza Cup

ZARA Tours Soccer team emerged winners of the 2010 Bonanza cup in the Soccer championships that were held from the 28th May 2010 to 6th June 2010 at the TGT stadium in Arusha.
The teams represented in the football bonanza were,
Jackpot Safaris, Kipepeo Tours, ZARA Tours, Arusha hotel, Tanzania 200 Adventures, TGT, and Wild tracks
Teams were divided into two groups (A&B), ZARA Tours was in group B and they played against TGT, Arusha hotel then met with the Wild tracks in the semi-finals. The final match was between ZARA Tours and Kipepeo Tours, where ZARA Tours managed to score 3 goals against their rivals, Kipepeo Tours.

To crown it all, the top goal scorer was from ZARA Tours.
This is the second consecutive time that ZARA soccer team is winning the championships and the team captain promised to maintain the high performance of the team and that they will fight hard to defend the Bonanza cup in the on coming championships.

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GEITA Gold Mine Staff Hike Kilimanjaro

Recently, the Springlands hotel hosted a group of 52 staff members from the GEITA Gold Mine Company. The ZARA Tours company worked in conjunction with the Geita Gold Mine company to make this special event a success. As scheduled, the Kili hike began in the morning of 22nd July 2010, and went on to the 28th July 2010.

After the Kili climb, the Geita Gold Mine event organizer, Mr. Mbonea pronounced the event to be very successful and that they would not have made it to the summit without theĀ  prior organization and well planning of the ZARA Tours company. Thanks to ZARA.

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World Record of Summitting Kilimanjaro With Two Days!!

The Springlands hotel hosted a world breaking Champion who hiked and summited the highest mountain in Africa, mount Kilimanjaro in two days!
Mr. Luca Coli broke the record of hiking and summiting Kilimanjaro via the Marangu route starting on 23rd July 2010 and ending the climb on the following day on 24th July 2010.
On average, Mr Luca hiked approximately 42-45 Kilometers per day (one way to the summit) and covered another 42 kilometers on the final day hiking down the mountain.
The accompanying guide, Mr.Buashee said that it was a tough experience but he was also proud to break the record ever set. He now looks forward to breaking the current record set of two days to the shortest time ever which will probably be a one-day Kili hike!

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