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SAMSUNGTANZANIA, AFRICA–This year’s Geita Gold Mine Kilimanjaro Challenge expedition will take place in 16thJuly, celebrating its 15th year in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. A fundraising expedition up to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, this challenge aims to join government efforts in combating the pandemic of HIV/AIDS across the country.

Trekkers, spectators, supporters, and government officials will meet at the Machame gate on 16th, July this year as they start the climbing toward the top of Africa.

4This climb will follow the Machame Route and end with a goal of raising awareness and funds to combat the virus and its effect to the communities.

The country of Tanzania has been hard hit by HIV & AIDS, with around 1.5 million people living with the virus. While rates of infection have slowly declined in recent years, additional support is critical to making a real difference in halting it altogether.

1The Kilimanjaro Challenge has grown from humble beginnings since its’ inception in 2002 to a multinational event, which has raised in excess of U$500,000 per annum in recent years. Working with other partners,The Geita Gold Mine Kilimanjaro HIV/AIDS Challenge has brought hope where there was none before. The building of orphanages, schools, clinics, counseling centers and refurbishing existing local and regional medical facilities has helped many communities across Tanzania to rebuild and flourish.

5The 2015 climb brought the total number of climbers to have participated in this great event to more than 500 from almost 20 countries across the globe. More than 30 (Non-government Organizations) NGO’s countrywide have benefited from the Kilimanjaro challenge, with several of the smaller NGO’s relying heavily on the support of the funds raised by the annual event. Since the inception of the Kilimanjaro Challenge in 2002, the percentage of HIV/AIDS infections in Tanzania has dropped from 13% to 5.1%, which is real evidence of how effective the joint effort has brought impact on combating HIV & AIDS in the country.

Do you want to climb the tallest Mt. in Africa and the 2nd to the World? Kili Challenge is now giving opportunities to individuals. You will be able to be part of the team who are climbing this year….Why miss this lifetime opportunity with an impact to the Communities?


Join dozens of other climbers, both seasoned and brand new, this year in the trek to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Support this cause while experiencing one of the great wonders of the earth with a group of passionate and dedicated adventurers.

6For more information contact us through

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Experience African Wildlife Before It Disappears Forever

It was in the summer of 2015 that the world was galvanized by unexpected hunt and death of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe. Animal lovers all over the globe expressed their dismay at the death of an iconic lion, but for many animals in Africa, from elephants to rhinos, illegal hunting and changes to the environment that threaten natural habitats are all just a tragic, everyday part of nature’s dwindling presence in our world.

Of course, the many nations of Africa aren’t just standing by and letting the threats to the many animals of the continent go unchallenged. There is a change in the air. Wildlife safaris of Tanzania are no longer just about letting hunters with guns track and kill animals. There is an effort now to save the natural world within Africa and Zara Tours, with your help, can be part of this effort.

Experience Nature The Right Way

A traditional zoo that takes animals out of their natural habitat is not the way to truly appreciate African animals in all their splendor. And by going on a wildlife safari in Tanzania or Kenya, you can get a once in a lifetime chance to see unspoiled, natural African landscapes and the animals that inhabit them in complete safety. As part of a safari photo tour, you can capture images of your adventure while doing no harm whatsoever to the animals themselves. You are also contributing to the local economy in ways that give back not just to the people but to the efforts of the wildlife parks to protect and preserve these animals.

While every effort is being taken by passionate people on the ground, governments concerned about the ecosystem, and nature lovers everywhere, this doesn’t mean that African animals are safe. Illegal hunting, both for sport and for black market trade, still occurs. For the animals of Africa, the danger is real. This is why wildlife safaris in Tanzania are not just a novel travel opportunity, but a chance to experience these animals while they are still here.

Make Your African Experience Unforgettable

Zara Tours offers many different types of wildlife safaris in Kenya and Tanzania. No matter which area and which safari you choose to take, all of them will offer one thing in common; a chance to see these animals in their natural habitat, and experience a world that is, unfortunately, still at risk even today. If you have the chance to see these beautiful animals in their natural world, take that chance and give yourself and your family memories that themselves may be endangered in a few years.

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Why Should You Travel To Africa?

The modern world affords us many travel opportunities, and thanks to the proliferation of air travel almost any part of the world, excepting maybe Antarctica, is now easily, commercially accessible to public passengers by plane. This has meant that many of the great destinations of the world are now available to more than just a few  wealthy explorers. The cultures of Europe, the modernism of American cities and the mystique of Asia are just a plane trip away.

And then there is Africa, and the wildlife safaris of Tanzania. This is a pretty big departure from the kind of trip that most people would think of, so what it is it that makes Africa, Tanzania and Kenya so special?

A World & An Age Apart

When you take undertake a wildlife safari in Tanzania or Kenya, you are participating in an adventure unlike any other. This isn’t the usual travel experience of going to a city in another country, where the biggest difference is the language on the street signs, the unfamiliar city map, and the challenge of ordering a new dish in a foreign language.

Watching the sun set over Mt. Kilimanjaro and seeing the massive herds of wildebeest on the African veldt is like stepping into a completely different time, different world, and even different state of mind. This is nature at its purest, something that most people in developed cities and towns never experience. This is a world where humanity is not at the top of the food chain, where civilization is a far away concept that has no place. To take part in the wildlife safaris of Tanzania is to get in touch with the way life on Earth really works for vast majority of the world that isn’t confined to cities and towns with Internet connections.

See Africa Your Way

Whether you want to take part in a Kenya or Tanzania safari, or want to ride a bike up Mt. Kilimanjaro, or learn about the incredible ways that nomadic cultures like the Maasai live in harmony with nature and the environment, a Zara African Tour can introduce you to a world you may have only seen glimpses of on TV, but never fully appreciated.

Take a chance and get away from the cities and the typical urban experience. Reconnect with the natural world and let Zara Tanzania Adventures take you there.

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