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Clean Kilimanjaro 2008 – Rongai and Marangu!

Clean Kilimanjaro

Twice every year, the ZARA Kilimanjaro guides ascend the mountain on a special trip, clearing the routes from litter that irresponsible hikers have left behind. Every time, there are also international volunteers who help making the Kilimanjaro National Park be a cleaner and more beautiful place. The next “Clean Kilimanjaro Trip” will take place from May 10th to May 15th. You can still join! To thank you, ZARA offers this trip at a special discounted rate of US$ 1,100 per person. The cleaning trip will go up the mountain on the Rongai Route and return on the Marangu Route, so the both routes will actually be cleaned (please note that we have changed the route as against our previous announcement)!

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Highview Hotel is part of “Face of Tanzania”

The ZARA Highview Hotel Karatu was the location for the regional audition of the Tanzanian beauty contest “Face of Tanzania”, the first ever Tanzanian reality TV model search competition. The show, which was aired twice a week for a month, showed the semi finalists in a model camp where the girls were given model related activities. Part of the challenges was a spectacular photo shooting in the Ngorongoro crater.

Irine Kiwia, director of the show thanked Highview Hotel for the sponsorship, support and warm hospitality given. The voting public has now chosen 5 finalists who are currently in South Africa to learn about the international modelling industry.

The contest also has the aim to promote self-awareness and empowerment to young girls. The organisers believe that if a young woman is self-aware of who she is, what greatness she is capable of achieving and how much she can be in control of her life she will take initiative to self-develop herself, be cautious of diseases especially HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, steer clear of unplanned pregnancies and instead work towards ambitions that will not only develop and benefit her but the nation in general.

Finalist Yvonne Finalist Emmy Finalist Irene Finalist Neshino 

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1st Ngorongoro marathon – the race against Malaria

After the run, the participants receive water and energy cookies, and get to know their result. In total, there were 171 participants, 4 of them females. 

The winner and 2nd and 3rd placed, along with the director of the Minnesota International Health Volunteers (on the left), and on the right the regional commissioner of Arusha and the district commissioner of Karatu. The medals had been donated by ZARA Tours and Highview Hotel.

Leila Ansell, director of Highview Hotel, along with ZARA and Highview staff who were helping with the organisation and infrastructure of the event.

The first Ngorongoro marathon which was proudly sponsored by ZARA and supported by ZARA manpower took place on March 21st, 2008. The run was arranged by Minnesota International Health Volunteers (MIHV) and had 171 active participants, four of them were females, making  their way through one of the most beautiful and unique places on earth, from Lake Manyara to Ngorongoro Crater. MIHV hopes the race will become an annual tradition and bring in thousands of participants in the coming years.

The race had the purpose to raise funds for the fight against malaria. Although there are the means to both prevent and treat malaria, the disease remains the number one killer in Tanzania and kills one child every thirty seconds. Malaria can also have debilitating effects for the survivors. Women, who become infected during pregnancy run the risk of having low birth weight babies, may suffer from anemia, premature births, birth defects, still births and spontaneous abortions. Young children can be left with neurological after-effects and learning disabilities.

MIHV is implementing a five-year Child Survival Project, with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). MIHV has an innovative approach to promoting child and maternal health, which includes establishing Survive & Thrive Groups, which are support groups for single, young mothers to encourage healthy behavior; MAISHA (Men Active in Sustaining Health Action – Kiswahili for “life”), a program which strives to inform and involve taxi drivers as emergency transport to health facilities and encourages them to convey health messages to their passengers, family and friends; and Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Centers, which will provide confidential counseling centers for mothers where they can learn about nutrition, breastfeeding and how to help prevent endemic childhood diseases, like diarrheal diseases, respiratory infections and malaria.

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Msamaria Kids move into bigger and better building – however help still needed

Around a year ago, Folkward Mapunda opened the Msamaria Center for Street Children to give a home to street children from Moshi and Arusha. He started by renting a small house for 25 children in Msaranga which gave them shelter, but was too small for much else. There was no kitchen, so food had to be prepared on a wood fire outside. Classes were held in the dormitory, in a very small room, and also outside.
With the coming of the rainy season, a move to a better site was necessary. On March 26th, 2008, Msamaria Center moved to Rau, in a site previously used as a Children’s center. The new site is bigger and has a large dormitory, large rooms for classes, an enclosed kitchen, a large covered shelter and a playground.

Although the site is bigger, renovation and supplies are much needed. Repairs to the supporting structures of some buildings are necessary for safety, and painting is needed inside and out. The children presently sleep on mattresses on the floor, and classrooms are bare without desks or chairs so that the children have to carry out their schoolwork on the floor. After a heavy rainfall recently in Moshi, the gutter surrounding the Center got blocked by rocks, tree trunks and rubbish and caused a flood.  By the time the children and staff were through with clearing it out the next morning, their clothes were in tatters. 

Zara and other individuals and companies have donated immediate money to meet the basic needs of the children. However, any funds, food, and clothes are still very needed and would be much appreciated.  If you can help Msamaria or require any more information, please contact Mr. Mapunda directly emailing to or volunteer Karen Cassini at  

Clearing the ground

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ZARA Kilimanjaro climb report (in German)

Austrian consumer newspaper “Ihr Einkauf” chief editor Sana Brauner faced the challenge to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with ZARA Tours in February this year. And as she is chief editor, it was obvious that she made her experiences into a travel report for her newspaper! The online version of the report (in German) which includes beautiful scenic photos can be read and seen here.

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