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Cultural Safari to Machame Nkweshoo

Established in June 2008 with the Vision of Making Kilimanjaro a green village through tourism. People of Machame-Nkweshoo welcome you to explore Cultural and Natural Heritage of Wachagga ethnic group that lives on the green slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. During your visit, you will enjoy beautiful landscape with great valleys, deep gorges, rivers, natural forest and local agricultural activities on small farms. On the other hand you will interact with local people and get an opportunity to listen to their stories about the culture, history and their total way of life

The tour in Machame-Nkweshoo includes:
• A warm welcome in a local Chagga household
• Get an opportunity to learn how to prepare local dishes
• A guided visit to Nkosalulu water falls and Coffee farms,
• A visit to one of the Oldest Church building,
• A visit to the caves used as hides during tribal wars,
• A view of the old coins,
• An opportunity to learn Chagga relics, stories and old tools that have been used since the ancient times
• A visit to the local market
• Kilimanjaro trekking
• A walking tour through coffee & banana farmlands to the dense Kilimanjaro natural forests for acclimatization along fast flowing streams before climbing the mountain
• A home-stay experience before and after your wildlife safari or mountain climbing expedition
• A visit to view points for Mt. Kilimanjaro
• A visit to environmental conservation project-tree nursery
• A visit to several development projects in the area such as coffee production, bee-keeping, schools, health care and community library

The following tours are on offer:

A visit to old Chagga Caves (4 hours tour)
These are massive underground tunnels (some caves reaching several kilometers) dwellings where the Chagga tribes hide from Maasai warriors during intertribal wars. Appreciate the architectural designs of the caves and listen to stories on how they were effective as hiding tunnels. You will get the full story of this war and the caves from our experienced guide when you arrive at the cave

An insight in local coffee production (2-4 hours tour)
Walk through coffee and banana farms to learn how coffee is grown, harvested and prepared into a cup of coffee in local people’s style. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn local skillfull practices of producing the best quality Arabica coffee using traditional ways. While drinking a locally prepared cup of coffee, you will also be getting stories of how local farms are managed and different ways of preparing and processing coffee

A visit to the Local Market (3-5 hours tour) ‘Get a taste of Kalali market’
A walk through a local community market on Mondays and Thursdays will give you a good perspective on how Machame people live, eat and interact to each others. This tour will give you an insight into local economy and daily life activities of Chagga people.

A visit to oldest churches
An opportunity to visit places where first German Missionary to Machame area visited many years ago. Explore some of the remaining memorial stones some put in place by Mr. Johannes Rebmann who came to Machame around 1840s where they built the first church in the area. Get an insight on how these missionaries worked to expand the missionary tasks in other parts of Kilimanjaro and the rest of Tanzania. Take a round walk to explore the whole route of the missionaries in the area and enjoy the scenery, people and various old buildings.

A visit to the waterfalls (3 hours tour)
Take a walk to Nkosalulu water falls in Makoa River that flows from Mt Kilimanjaro forest. The river with it waterfalls is surrounded by banana and coffee farms where visitors will see the indigenous people farming by traditional means.

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Exploring the Parallels Between Climbing Kilimanjaro and Entrepreneurship

On the surface, entrepreneurship and mountain climbing may not seem directly related. But with further investigation, the traits and choices needed to be successful in each of these tremendous endeavors naturally go hand-in-hand. To illustrate the similarities, let’s review some commonalities shared between the two. (more…)

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That woman from Florida’ tackles a mountain of a goal

People didn’t need to know Paige Hudson’s name to know her story.


For people trekking up Mt. Kilimanjaro “that woman from Florida” had become the stuff of legend.

Guides, porters, other hikers all wanted to know if the 52-year-old former elementary school teacher had finally made it to the top on her third try.

“It was so funny,” Hudson said Monday afternoon, only days after returning from Tanzania. “I know I was there three times, but I don’t like to count the second because I was sick when I got there.”


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African Safari Tours: Health tips for Hiking Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro, though not technically demanding like Everest, is a mountain that will challenge you both mentally and physically. It is important that you are prepared for this adventure.

How to Prepare

One of the best ways to prepare for Kilimanjaro trek is to do regular hikes, increasing in frequency and length as you get closer to the climb. Any aerobic activity such as biking, jogging and swimming, will build cardiovascular strength and help prepare you for the strains and pains of the mountain.

It is also highly recommended to get a medical clearance from your physician before attempting Kilimanjaro. If you are over 50 years of age it is recommended to get a stress EKG. Additionally, it is important to talk to your doctor about the following vaccines: (more…)

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