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Tour Operator Constructs School For Maasai Children

Zara Tanzania Adventures (Zara Tours) has constructed a new and modern pre-school for Maasai children in Endulen village, in Ngorongoro District, Arusha Region.

The move will provide basic formal education to the children and recruit them in the modern world and get freedom from continued cattle raring activities.
The school will start in January (2014), explained Zainab Ansell, ZARA Tours Managing Director company.
The pre-school has been constructed with funds from Zara Tanzania Charity, Zara Tours, Africa Safari and the Reinhold Beitlich Stiftung Foundation.
She said: “Once open, the school will not only provide education for pupils.  It will also act as a home for them as it will feature a dormitory.
“The pupils will be provided with clothes, as well as entertainment and health services.”
According to Ansell the ultimate goal is to provide Maasai children with the opportunity to attend preschool where “they will hopefully learn a life-long love of education, gain early exposure to a classroom and begin cultivating skills.
“Ideally, the pupils will learn both Kiswahili and English while becoming better prepared for their primary school education. Read

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More than Climbing Kilimanjaro: Zara Tours Explores the Highlights of Tanzania

The East African country of Tanzania has the biggest land area of the nearby countries, with a landscape boasting coastal plains, inland plateaus and highlands.  It is geographically diverse and powerfully beautiful, attracting visitors from far and wide intent on experiencing it for themselves.   (more…)

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Clean-Up Mt Kilimanjaro 2014

In the year 2014 Zara tours is campaign for promoting environmental awareness in Tanzania and campaigner the need to conserve the environment amongst the societies living surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro. The campaign which is expected to take Machame 6 days targets people who have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and those who are intending to climb both locals and foreignerscleanupkili1

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Sustainable Tourism: Tanzania Tours Support and Respect Indigenous Cultures

Tourism has been a major source of income and sustenance for many cultures in countries popular for their natural wonders or manmade attractions.  The revenue and interest garnered as a result of visitors from far away can enable an improved economy, allow certain classes of people to prosper, and even be a driver for development where there would have been none.  The impact on indigenous people, however, can be negative.  Traffic from insensitive or ignorant travelers can harm the culture and traditions of locals and leave the location worse off instead of better. (more…)

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The #1 Safari Destination in Africa is…

Tanzania safari companies recently celebrated an honor that was two years in the making. According to the acclaimed tourism site, Tanzania has been voted the best safari country in all of Africa, not just the northern safari circuit. (more…)

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Zara Tours Announces Completion Date for Maasai Preschool

Zara Tours is thrilled to announce that construction of the new Maasai preschool is scheduled to be completed in January of 2014. The preschool, which is being constructed in the Endulen Village of the Ngorongoro District, is being constructed with funds from Zara Tanzania Charity, Zara Tours, Africa Safari and the Reinhold Beitlich Stiftung Foundation. (more…)

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Why Choosing the right Mount Kili Porters Makes all the Difference

Not to overstate the obvious, but trekking Kilimanjaro is a trip that takes several months to plan and prepare for. Travelers should expect to:

  • Get required vaccinations
  • Obtain or update travel documentation
  • Select travel packages
  • Pack appropriately
  • Have a climbing route in mind

These are all good steps, but do you know what’s missing from this list? Answer: choosing your Kilimanjaro tour operators. (more…)

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