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Safari in Tanzania: The Ultimate Bucket List Adventure

What experiences are high on your bucket list? Did you know that going on a safari in Tanzania is near the top of many people’s lists of things to do in their lifetime?

In Swahili, the word safari means ‘journey’. As a short frame among the many experiences of your lifetime, this is one journey that will forever stand out: an African safari that brings you on a pilgrimage deep into the various lives of the culture and wildlife of Tanzania.

Highlights of the Tanzania Safari

There are many reasons why experiencing a Tanzanian safari in this beautiful country has become a lifelong goal for so many people.

There are sights and sounds found here in Tanzania that do not exist anywhere else in the world. Rare birds, extinct volcanoes, savannah plains, and powerful wild animals all call this country home, and a safari offers a peek into the richness of their world.

Witness the Great Migration, as the wildebeest herds travel across the vast plains of Africa, or watch the wildlife that live and thrive in the Ngorongoro Crater, an extinct volcano.
Our Serengeti Wildcamps set travelers up in style, right at the heart of the land, while lions prowl and elephants roam nearby. Staying so near the Big Five themselves gives visitors a real glimpse of Tanzania, the savannah and its inhabitants.

Exquisite Lake Manyara is home to flocks of flamingoes, where you can see hosts of the pink, black, and white birds taking flight over the silver waters. Any one of the unique national parks will leave you with amazing memories and scenes that will make you glad you made living out your bucket list a priority.

Making it Your Own

Perhaps one of the best things about embarking on safari with Zara Tours is the opportunity to safari in whatever way you prefer. Walk on safari for a hands-on–and boots on–experience, or make it even more unique by safari-ing on horseback or by camel.

Our four-wheel drive vehicles have pop-top viewing roofs so there are no blind spots and you don’t miss a thing by looking away from a window. You can strike out on your own or set off on an adventure with dear friends or family. Whatever details will enrich your experiences are made possible in a very real way with the experienced guides of Zara Tours.

Make your bucket list items a source of rich memory and a lifelong highlight, and not just for the safari. Combination packages from Zara Tours can have you climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, or diving among the coral reefs. Don’t miss out on the chance to see lions, elephants, wildebeest, and more, all while on your life-changing Tanzania safari.

Travel the world: check. Go on safari: check. Live your life to the fullest: check.




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The founder of the Zara Charity and Zainab Ansel, the director of Zara Tours, are pleased to announce the official opening of the Ngorongoro pre-school in Enduleni Village in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.



As a developing country, Tanzania struggles to provide a high quality of infrastructure and education, and the Maasai community has one of the highest illiteracy and lowest school enrolment rates in East Africa. This is primarily due to a lack of schools and their pastoral way of life. Maasai children have been known to walk barefoot for up to 20km to a primary school within parks where there is a danger of an animal attack.

The cost of education remains a large obstacle. Most families live on less than US$0.80 per day and it’s not rare for a family to have around eight children, while some Maasai warriors have up to 60 wives. Research shows that nearly 60% of Maasai children under five years old are physically stunted, which is an indicator of chronic malnutrition. Studies also show that only 5% of elementary school students continue to high school, and that girls are the most disadvantaged as they are expected to stay at home to help their mother take care of the house and family.


With an average ratio of 72 students to one teacher, four million new primary school teachers were needed in East Africa to reach the goal of offering primary education to all children by 2015. Crowded and dilapidated classrooms, coupled with insufficient teaching resources and instruction time, reflect a far below average standard of educational institutions.

As part of Zara Tours’ sustainable tourism plan, Zara Charity strongly believes that education is the key to a better future that will break the cycle of impoverished communities. That is why we decided to promote education in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area by building a pre-school at which 43 children are currently registered. We focus on building a support system for children by constructing better facilities in which to learn, ensuring access to safe and healthy learning environments, strengthening teaching quality, and providing scholarships.


Student sponsorship covers the cost of enrolment fees, school materials and uniforms, as well as regular monitoring and support from the Zara Charity. It also provides students with access to medical services.


One of the most rewarding aspects of sponsorship is getting to know a student personally and seeing the positive effect on their life. We provide various ways for sponsors to form this personal bond, including sending regular updates of the student’s report cards and living situation, and giving the option to send letters directly. Sponsors can also meet the student and their family in Tanzania, and they can combine their trip with an affordable safari package or trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro.

To sponsor a student through pre-school, the cost of one full year is US$850, which works out at just US$2.30 per day. Co-sponsorship and paying in monthly instalments are also options. For more information on our Student Sponsorship Programme, please contact: and/or or Donate to our fund rising page here



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Ngorongoro Marathon‬ is among unique community themed-multi-cultural series of events designed with entertainment packages including but not limited to ‪adventure safari‬’s (pre & post ‪‎marathon‬ tour packages), open festivals, overnight carnivals, football matches, stage performances and red carpet award ceremony; heavily concentrated in ‪Karatu town‬ for almost five days including pre-events.

Flagged off by Honorary Fredrick Sumaye (the former prime minister of Tanzania from 1995 – 2005), The Season 8th of Ngorongoro Marathon was a huge success. The African Charity Marathon attracts a spectrum of runners from professionals to amateur joggers. The course is a 21km loop from Loduare, the main gates to Ngorongoro Crater, back to Karatu Town.

The Ngorongoro Marathon was launched in 2008 to contribute to ongoing global and national efforts towards the fight against malaria. Community involvement and mobilization in the fight against malaria needs bold and innovative ideas, the marathon being one of them.

In 2015 adopted a new theme called “brick for life” – the aim being to create awareness and to fundraise for a pre-school for the Maasai kids residing in the Ngorongoro conservation area.

For more information Email;

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Planning For the Adventure of a Lifetime: Preparing to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

For this once in a lifetime experience, careful planning is key. As you prepare to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain the world, it’s important to consider carefully what each stage of your trip will require.

This mountain challenges thousands of people a year, not all of whom succeed in reaching the top. Here are a few planning tips to increase your chances at summiting this peak.

Preparing for Your Trip

Every time of year offers a unique experience of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, so consider what you most want out of your adventure. For instance, February is one of the warmest months with some of the clearest views, while July through September it is often more dry and cooler.

You should try to arrive in Tanzania at least a day before heading to Kilimanjaro, and plan to stay at least a day after your climb, time enough to refresh and recover both from traveling to Africa and from the exhaustion of your hike.

Of course, just to get to Tanzania there are various documents you will need to have prepared, particularly your passport and a visa. Be sure to include your immunization papers and any insurance documents, as well as the receipt for your trip.


Pack lots of layering clothing that you can add and remove as you pass through the different ecosystems and experience rapid changes in elevation. Include items that are made of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, and be sure to include protective gear such as hats, bandanas, gloves, sunglasses, and a poncho. Invest in quality hiking boots, warm, waterproof, and broken-in, and bring thick socks–your feet are your best friends on this trek!

A sleeping bag that is lined for warmth and appropriate for all seasons is a must. Trekking poles can help steady your way, and a head lamp–with batteries–will allow you to see at night, whether climbing or around the camp. Bring a large water bottle and even a water bladder (such as a Camelbak) to be certain that will you stay hydrated all through the climb. Research water filtration tablets as well, for an easy way to ensure clean drinking water.


Think of what is necessary for an extended camping trip and many days in the sun. You will need plenty of sunscreen, lip balm, insect repellent, hand sanitizer, a First Aid kit, and any prescriptions you have. Ideally you will also bring snacks to fuel you on the way, a camera for lots of photo opportunities, and any toiletries that you can’t do without.

Pack most of your items in a duffel bag, which the porters will carry up the hill for you. Keep all of the personal gear in a daypack, easily accessible for things that you will need as you climb.

Prepare to bring the essentials, but pack light! The most common mistake climbers make is to bring way too much stuff.

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