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Planning The Best Safari Tour

Africa is famous for plenty of things – being the birthplace of man, the home of amazing scenery, and the habitat of countless majestic creatures are just a few. And experiencing the continent is something that can create an amazing experience for anyone. But while the allure of African safari tours can’t be ignored, it’s also important that you don’t overlook some basic steps that can help you plan the best experience.

If you’re planning on taking a Tanzania safari, you’ll want to keep the following tips in mind in order to be certain that once you arrive, you have an amazing experience.

  • Find The Right Team – It all starts with your safari guides. African safari tours are increasingly popular, but some are run by shady organizations or individuals. Do a bit of research and try to find a Tanzania safari company you can trust. Look at their history and their reputation and you’ll make the right choice.
  • Know Your Accommodations – Different tour companies may offer varying accommodation options. You shouldn’t expect a 4-star hotel at any rate, but pay attention to accommodation choices so you can know what to expect upon arrival.
  • Pack Properly – Nothing is worse than not packing properly and arriving without what you need. Bring several changes of clothes, at least two pairs of boots or shoes, and personal items like toothbrushes, bug spray, sunscreen, and more. Pack for a Tanzania safari, not a luxury resort vacation.
  • Plan Your Adventure – There’s a lot to see and do in Tanzania. Do you want to take a hike up Kilimanjaro? Or just head to the plains for wildlife adventures? Do some research and include the right activities in your trip to have an experience you’ll love. Also, pay attention to the weather. Certain times of year are better for safaris, so talk to a tour representative so make sure you’re planning a visit during the right time.
  • Be Realistic – Finally, you need to be realistic. Thanks to modern African safari tours, you’ll likely see plenty of wildlife and stunning views. But if you’re expecting to see a lion take down a giraffe right in front of you, you might be disappointed. There’s a chance, of course, but no guarantee. Go into your safari knowing the realistic side of what you’ll see.

African safari tours can create stunning memories that you’ll never forget. Taking the steps above will ensure that you plan out your visit in a way that will help you get the best experience possible.

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TANZANIA, AFRICA–This coming April is the 9th annual Ngorongoro marathon, an event held to raise money and awareness for the fight against Malaria, and to support the Maasai Pre-school. Hosted by Zara Tours together with its sister group Zara Charity, the Ngorongoro Run will welcome more than 1,200 runners from 20 different countries to compete in what has been the single largest educational undertaking in the district and the region.
This year’s run will be held on 16th April 2016, and is open to any and all runners looking to compete in one of the largest half marathons in Tanzania. This race has been recognized by the Tanzania Olympic Committee, and is a qualifying race for the national team.

To celebrate and offer opportunities for more people to support this cause, Zara Tours is presenting a special chance to attend the event. The world-renowned tour operating company will be giving away a trip for two to attend the Ngorongoro marathon in Tanzania. For more details, visit the Zara Tours Facebook page and Register here

5In addition to the marathon, the event will also include other sponsored events in Ngorongoro, such as a visit to malaria projects and a dinner gala held after the run at the High View Hotel in Karatu. To receive more information about attending, competing in, or sponsoring this event, please contact Zara Charity.

Zara Tours and Zara Charity hope to bring together the public and the private sectors to raise national awareness for the fight against malaria, Education and significantly drive up the prevention and treatment of the disease.

For more information about Zara Charity and its endeavors, contact: and/or

About ZARA TOURS; ZARA TOURS, founded in 1987, is currently the No. 1 Kilimanjaro outfitter in Tanzania and one of the largest safari operators in the country. Proud to be known as one of the best operators in the region with a reputation for providing an exceptional, unforgettable and safe experience, ZARA TOURS owns and operates two hotels and four tented camps, has 88 safari and climbing expert guides who speak English, German and Spanish, and a fleet of fully-equipped vehicles that take tourists on safari adventures or treks up Mt. Kilimanjaro. ZARA TOURS also runs ZARA Charity, which plays a vital role in the local community by supporting vulnerable groups such as orphans, maasai women group, and more.

For more information about the Season 8 of Ngorongoro marathon 2015.

For more information about Ngorongoro pre-school and how you could get involved.

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Finding The Right Tanzania Safari Provider

Every year, thousands of people head to Africa to go on the adventure of a lifetime. African safari tours can put you in the heart of nature and allow you to experience some of the most amazing creatures on the planet in their natural environment. However, the popularity of these adventures means that it’s common for scam artists to be out there offering guided safaris without really having the expertise to do so.

Paying attention and finding the right Tanzania safari provider is the key to making sure that your adventure is rewarding, exciting, and memorable for all the right reasons. Here are some of the tips you can keep in mind that will help you choose the right company for your safari in Tanzania.

  • Experience – African safari tours can involve a lot of different elements, and even a bit of the unknown. That’s where experience comes in. Look for a team that has years of experience at providing safaris to visitors if you want to ensure that you get the best possible results from your investment.
  • Guides – Look into the guides, too. You want to find safari guides who understand animal behavior and have been trained in things like first aid and safety. You also want a guide who speaks your language if you want to really enjoy your experience. Always pay attention to the guides a service uses.
  • Options – An African adventure can be a lot of things. You can go on a Tanzania safari to see wildlife, or you could find a guide service that will take you up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Think about what you want from your visit and then find the tour service that will help you do it. Do you want higher end lodging or the experience of tent sleeping? A lot of options might be present that you can use to adjust your experience to just what you want.
  • Previous Client Testimonials – The internet makes it much easier to do research on companies than ever before. Run a quick online search and start seeing what others have to say about a tour service. Pay attention to what past visitors or users say about a company in order to ensure that they’re the right Tanzania safari team for you and your money.

When you start planning African safari tours, you’ll see that you have lots of options available. The things above can make it easier to choose a tour provider that you can trust.

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