Why A Safari Could Be The Perfect Vacation Idea

Taking a vacation is something that provides not only the chance to rest and recharge body and mind, but also to create memories that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. One option that is well worth thinking about – especially if you want a unique vacation – is wildlife safaris in Tanzania or Kenya.

These safaris allow you to head out into the beautiful countryside and experience Africa in a truly personal way. From viewing the landscapes of the plains to seeing wildlife up close, it’s an experience that is hard to get anywhere else. Just think about some of the big reasons that taking Kenya and Tanzania safaris is such a great vacation idea.

  • First of all, it’s a break from the beaches and theme parks that make up so many other vacations around the world. Instead of doing the same old thing, you can treat yourself to something that is truly a unique experience unlike anything else you can find.
  • Being able to see the beautiful animals of Africa up close and personal is something truly stunning. Instead of seeing them in a zoo, you’ll see them in their natural habitat. This allows you to get a greater appreciation of these creatures and of the inherent beauty in the world – and a greater appreciation for Africa in particular.
  • Kenya and Tanzania safaris also let you see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. The unspoiled plains of Africa create amazing backdrops for your adventure, letting you see a different side of the world.
  • While there’s no question that a safari can be very relaxing thanks to the beauty you’ll find, they can also be a true adventure. Whether you just take a safari, go visit the wildebeest migration, or climb Kilimanjaro, there are numerous adventures that you can experience during Kenya and Tanzania safaris.
  • Above all else, taking a safari lets you create memories that you will never forget. Basic vacations can easily blend together in your mind, but what you see and experience on a safari will stand out forever.

If you’re planning an upcoming vacation, it’s important that you make certain you’re planning out one that you’ll really enjoy. Looking beyond the standard parks and vacation destinations, you may find that Kenya and Tanzania safaris offers you something you’ve been looking for – an amazing experience filled with adventure, wonder, beauty, and memories. In short, this is a vacation that deserves anyone’s attention in a major way.

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Top Things To Consider About Your Tanzania Safari

Making the decision to take Tanzania wildlife safaris as a holiday destination is something that can provide you with an amazing experience filled with adventure and wonder. But as with any other vacation, taking the time to plan ahead properly is important and doing so will help ensure that you get the best possible trip.

There are numerous things that you’ll want to consider regarding Tanzania or Kenya safaris, and taking a closer look at the following points could help make your journey even more enjoyable.

  • First of all, think about what you want to experience during your tour. Are you looking to just experience the wildlife of Africa up close and personal, or do you want to go further with a Kilimanjaro climb? Figuring out what you want to do is the first step, and you can easily design the perfect safari experience if you just think about your overall desires.
  • How many days will your safari last? There are Kenya and Tanzania safaris lasting from 3 days up to 10 days. Plan your experience to ensure that you get the best possible stay – more days means more time to enjoy yourself and to experience more of the majestic African countryside and wildlife.
  • Also pay attention to when you’re visiting. Safaris can be taken at any time throughout the year, but remember that October, November, April, and May are the rainy seasons and that some of the roads in the countries may be impassable due to the weather. You can still have a great experience, however.
  • Accommodations vary as well, and you’ll want to make sure that you pick the right option for your experience. If you want to save money, basic camping is readily available. However, 3 star and even 5 star accommodations do exist if you’re looking for a higher standard from your stay.
  • Finally, be sure to pack properly. For Tanzania and Kenya safaris, bring your sleeping bag, personal items, and clothing that will work well on a safari. Packing smart makes your stay much better.

It doesn’t take much effort to plan out a great holiday. If you want to look beyond typical destinations, there’s no question that planning wildlife safaris in Tanzania is a great way to give yourself a unique experience. Keep the points above in mind when making your plans and you’ll be able to go on an adventure that you’ll remember forever.

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Why A Safari Is Worth Considering v

You have plenty of choices when it comes to planning out your next vacation. But the reality is that sometimes you just need something truly different. Resort destinations, theme parks, and other tourist attractions all have their place, but the fact is that Tanzania wildlife safaris offer something you just can’t get anywhere else, and stand out as being one of the absolute best choices when you’re ready for a different kind of vacation.

If you’re not sure if Kenya or Tanzania safaris are right for you, or why they’re such a great choice when you want a truly wonderful vacation, you only need to consider some of the big reasons that they’re a great idea. Here are some of the main reasons you should think about going on a safari for your next vacation.

  • Adventure – Simply put, they’re one of the best ways to experience a true adventure while on vacation. From getting up close to wildlife to experiencing the stars under the African sky, you’ll have an experience that can be defined as an adventure in every sense of the word.
  • Wildlife – Zoos are great, but they can’t provide the kind of experience that you will get when you see a wildebeest migration in person, or a big cat stalking its prey. Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania offer an unforgettable look at wildlife that you can’t get anywhere else.
  • Beauty – From the animals to the vistas, you’ll see beauty in a whole new way here. A single safari can put you in touch with the world in an incredible way, and give you a new outlook on everything.
  • Romance – Yes, Tanzania wildlife safaris can be romantic. While you’re not going to be dining at a 4-star restaurant, you will be in a location that creates its own ambiance and romance. In addition to being thrilling, safaris can also bring you closer together.
  • Memories – The bottom line is that everything that happens on your safari will be something that you remember time and time again over the years. You will create stunning memories that you’ll never be able to forget – memories that won’t just blend into rest of the vacations you take over the years.

If you’re ready for a vacation that offers you much more than you might be used to, it’s time to think outside the box. Tanzania wildlife safaris can give you the experience of a lifetime, and are worth considering for anyone.

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JOHN Cairns (50), a Canadian man who lost his right arm and right leg in a workplace accident in 1992, accompanied by Lucas Wiseman had 7-day Mt. Kilimanjaro Charity Expedition through Rongai route to raise awareness of the needs and abilities of people with physical disabilities and funds for his Wheelchair of Hope Foundation.

A man with only one left leg and one right hand from America is not a sailor. But still he has a right to shout: “Ahoy there!” because he managed to reach a top Mt. Kilimanjaro representing a cause for people with physical disabilities worldwide.

As Cairns recalls it was around 6.35 a.m. on August 7, 2016 during their summiting to the ‘Roof of Africa’ after a breath taking 2 and half hour slow walk from Hans Meyer cave that he managed to reach Gilman’s point, 5,681 meters, above sea level.

“For some seconds I totally forgot that I came along with my friend Lucas Wiseman, then some 15 minutes or so later turning I saw him coming towards me from Uhuru peak (5,895m ASL), just few meters from where I was in a second group under guidance from professional mountain guide from the ZARA Tanzania Adventures and it downed on me that he has made it. We both made it!”

He recollected that was the culmination of “our seven day Mt. Kilimanjaro climb” through the toughest Rongai route that to him still seems like a dream. “Reaching Gilman’s peak was a dream come true
but the actual climb is a long episode that ones need to grow old first to forget,” Mr. Cairns noted in an exclusive interviews with this paper with tears of joy!

“I do like the challenge that’s why I come to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro though I lost my right leg and hand and I’m very much appreciate myself that I made it to the Gilman’s Peak with the ‘great assistance’  from Edwin Kilawe, a Tour Guide with ZARA Tanzania Adventures..” he explained.

According to Mr. Cairns, he dreamed to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro for a long time to prove to the World that ‘Anything is Possible if you like’ and disabled can do if assisted.

“When back to Canada I will tout for all people to come to Tanzania and enjoy agony, joy and pride of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, and I thank God that I made it to high peak, much salutes goes to ZARA mountain guides, Edwin Kilawe and Joseph Meela and their team for their good assistance who was very patient and kind to me. They assisted me very much to fulfill my dream, and next year I will come to scale gain the highest Peak of Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro to Uhuru peak…” Mr. Cairns further explained in tears of joy.

2Commenting on why he decided to ‘take Mt. Kilimanjaro challenge’ Cairns explained that, he has decided to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro which is also famously known as ‘The Roof of Africa’ with also the aim of delivering mobility into the lives of children, teens and adults, within the community who otherwise would have limited resources to acquire a wheelchair on their own in Canada and in Tanzania through the charity Kilimanjaro climbing organized by the ZARA Tanzania Adventures for the cause.

According to him, his mission through his charity organization called Wheelchair of Hope Foundation is also transforming lives through providing dignity of mobility, hope and opportunity through freedom of independence.

“Through the generosity and support of both local and international sponsors, Wheelchair of Hope Foundation is able to deliver hope, independence, and enable human and social upward mobility…” Cairns explained.

On his way to the highest top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Cairns provided free toothbrushes and toothpaste to the marginalized children in Rombo district, Kilimanjaro region donated by Family Dental Centre in Canada.

3Explaining his life experience and how he became physically disabled, John Cairns explained that; “Twenty-three years back, I was hit by a train and survived,” he said. “I’ve met many mountains, some the size of Mount Everest metaphorically, and have climbed and succeeded to achieve just unbelievable success through tragedy.”

4Two years ago, Cairns founded the Wheelchair of Hope Foundation, which gives the gift of mobility by providing free devices such as wheelchairs, power chairs and scooters to those who need them in and around the Quinte region.

The foundation’s mission is to equip people with the devices they need to live their lives to the fullest, he said.

“When you think of everything that you do on a day-to-day basis, it all centers around mobility,” Cairns said adding that mobility devices positively impact the lives of those who receive them. We bring a higher degree of quality of life that they’re so deserving of.” Cairns said.

For his part, a photo journalist form Canada, Lucas Wiseman who reached the highest peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro (5,895m ASL) explained that; “I had a spirit of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro long time ago that’s why I succeed and made it to Uhuru Peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro (5,895 m ASL) under great assistance from professional mountain guides from ZARA Tours, and I’m now planning to climb other highest mountains of the World for charity as we did..” he explained cheerfully.

13914148_10154071682589219_6867573331562582225_oAccording to him, scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro to the highest peak is way of fulfilling his dream of helping the needy people worldwide being the first young Tanzanian to scale and reach the highest peaks of the highest mountains in different continents of the world famously known as ‘Seven Summits’.

As Wiseman recalls it was around 4:55 a.m. on August 7, 2016 after a breath taking 2 and half hour slow walk from Stella Point that he managed to reach Uhuru Peak, 5,895 meters, above sea level.

“For some seconds I totally forgot that I came along with my friend John Cairns, then some 20 minutes or so later turning I saw him going down from the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro and told that he reached Gilman’s point. We both made it!”

She recollected that was the culmination of “our nine day Mt. Kilimanjaro climb” through the tough Rongai route that to him still seems like a dream. “Reaching Uhuru peak was a dream come true but the actual climb is a long episode that one’s need to grow old first to forget,” he noted.

To learn more or to donate, please visit Climb for Mobility or like the Wheelchair of Hope Foundation on Facebook.

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Planning Your Safari

When you’re considering a vacation, you have plenty of different options to choose from. But instead of going with the same old resort stay or theme park visit, you could decide to head out on a grand adventure you’ll never forget. Kenya or Tanzania safaris allow you to do just that, and can be one of the most memorable experiences you ever have.

Heading out onto the open plains of Africa can put you up close and personal with beautiful wildlife and stunning views. But in order to really enjoy it to its fullest, you need to be able to plan ahead properly.

There are several steps worth taking when planning Kenya and Tanzania safaris, and remembering them will ensure that you have the best experience when you arrive. Here’s what to keep in mind.

  • Start by choosing the right trip. There are numerous Kenya or Tanzania wildlife safaris, and each one could offer different experiences. One may include a trek up Kilimanjaro, another may center around the wildebeest migrations. The key is selecting a safari package that gives you what you want from your journey.
  • Be sure to understand accommodations. In most cases you’ll be looking at camping, huts, or modest lodging accommodations. Some luxury accommodations may be present as well, but are the expectation instead of the norm. Either way, knowing where you’re staying will help you be prepared when you arrive.
  • Pack smart. You’re not going to need formal wear on your safari. Bring comfortable, durable clothing that will serve its purpose while on the safari. Also bring things like cameras, portable battery chargers, and other similar items so you can capture all of the experience while you’re there.
  • Pick the right company. Do some research into your provider of Tanzania wildlife safaris to ensure that you’re going to get the best results. Look for experience and reputation, and do some research if you’re in doubt. The right companies offer much better experiences.
  • Time it right as well. Different periods of the year may have different weather patterns, larger or smaller crowds, and different wildlife patterns to consider. Your tour company can help you determine the right time for your visit.

All in all, Kenya and Tanzania safaris offer an unforgettable experience that you’ll never forget. They’re worth taking a closer look at if you’re tired of the same old vacations and are ready for something truly amazing. Your adventure could be waiting for you.

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Geita Gold mine (GGM), Tanzania commission for AIDS (TACAIDS) and the Zara Tanzania Adventures officiated the 15th year of Kilimanjaro Challenge Flag-off at machame gate, in Hai District, Kilimanjaro Region.

Former president of Tanzania Dr Jakaya mrisho kikwete

The Ceremony was officiated over the weekend by former president Jakaya kikwete in the presence of Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner, Said Mecki Sadiki and registers a 12bn/- record high raised to save those affected by the scourge.


Mr Kikwete hailed Geita Gold Mine (GGM) and Zara Tours for supporting government initiatives for the purpose of saving lives of Tanzanians with high demand of HIV and AIDS services. “The government and people of Tanzania are full of pride in this initiative.

Tanzania Commission for AIDS (TACAIDS) has been working closely with Geita Gold Mine and Zara Tours throughout the (15) years to ensure the purpose and objective of this noble fight is achieved,” said the retired president.

This year we mark the 15th historic climb of Mount Kilimanjaro with about 100 climbers, an initiative that is approaching 2,000 people from all across the world to have participated in Kilimanjaro Challenge.


Mr Kikwete expressed his happiness that Tanzania has come down from HIV/ AIDS infested level with double digits to a single digit, as of now the country is at 5.1 per cent. “We must be proud of the hard work done by TACAIDS and its associate partners and this has been possible through these kinds of innovative approaches… your devotion sends a message of care and love for those affected by, and living with HIV and AIDS in Tanzania,” he noted.

The former president said HIV/AIDS can be mitigated, that it is a complete national struggle but will take Tanzania to an ultimate success of seeing the country free of HIV/AIDS challenge. The Kili Challenge Committee has chosen the best and famous route – Machame that will take the climbers seven days to accomplish the task.

He urged everybody to play his/her part from family level, community, churches, and mosques and at workplaces and parents/ guardians should take time to teach their children about health and safe sex. Workers at their stations should also remind each other to avoid what could lead them contract the malady.


GGM Managing Director, Mr Terry Mulpeter said that every day the charity makes an impact to the surrounding communities and that funds raised are donated to more than 30 local NGOs, several government institutions and millions of Tanzanians were benefiting. “I am proud to announce that to date through Kili Challenge we have managed to raise over 5.5 million US dollars (12bn/-).

I thank the government for its support of the Kili Climb initiatives since its inception in 2002,” said Mr Mulpeter. This year, he said the climbers come from Tanzania, South Africa, United States, United Kingdom and Australia. They are in two groups, to wit, climbers and cyclists. While climbers will trek to Uhuru Peak, cyclists will cycle at the base of the African highest mountain and finish at Mweka Gate.

The Kilimanjaro Challenge is an annual activity that aims to raise funds from different partners through sponsorship of climbers to Mount Kilimanjaro and to distribute the funds to relevant charities fighting HIV/AIDS in Tanzania.

Speaking during the official flag-off ceremony, vice president of Anglo Ashant simon shayo explained that the Kilimanjaro Challenge is an annual activity that aims to raise funds from different partners through sponsorship of climbers and to distribute the funds to relevant charities fighting HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. He further explained “This year’s climb began in Dar es salaam in early May where the minister of state, Union Affairs and environment, January Makamba, officially launched the beginning of this great journey of which today we are witnessing. The biggest message we take from this climb today is determination, Zeal and hope. These three can take us to a higher elevation in this fight. With the zeal, determination and hope you have shown us that Tanzania without HIV/AIDS is possible” he added

“ I therefore ask the expedition to go to Uhuru peak while up there loudly declare in and beyond that Tanzania without AIDS is possible, “ he added. “ As we celebrate the 15th anniversary of the charity, we are proud to be joined by Mrisho Mpoto, a Tanzanian artist who has joined the kili challenge as our ambassador,” he explained.


About ZARA TOURS; ZARA TOURS, founded in 1987, is currently the No. 1 Kilimanjaro outfitter in Tanzania and one of the largest safari operators in the country. Proud to be known as one of the best operators with a reputation for providing an exceptional, unforgettable and safe experience, ZARA TOURS owns and operates two hotels and four tented camps, has 88 safari and climbing expert guides who speak English, German, French and Spanish, and a fleet of fully-equipped vehicles that take tourists on safari adventures or treks up Mt. Kilimanjaro. ZARA TOURS also runs ZARA Charity, which plays a vital role. For more information please Email us: zara@zaratours.com | www.zaratours.com | www.zaraproperties.com

About Geita Gold Mine: Geita Gold Mine, a wholly owned subsidiary of the AngloGold Ashanti Group, is the largest producer of gold in AngloGold Ashanti. The mine is located in Geita Town in northwestern Tanzania. Geita Gold Mine employs about 3,500 people, 96% are Tanzanian citizens. For more information visit: www.anglogoldashanti.com.

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Celebrate 30 Years In Africa With Zara

It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed so quickly, but when we stop and look back at the calendar, it’s really true; Zara Tours has been bringing people to the wilds of Africa to experience the splendor of nature for nearly 30 years!

Ngorongoro crater 1It all started back in 1987, when Ronald Reagan was still the president of the United States, the Soviet Union and the Cold War were in full swing, break dancing was an actual dance and John Hughes movies were showing the world that there was a place for intelligent, honest, teenage films! Back then, we had a vision, and we weren’t sure it was going to work, but we had high hopes for it. We loved Africa, the feeling that you got when you were on the plains, watching a herd of Zebra graze, or seeing the sun rise on Kilimanjaro. These were magical experiences that could change a person—for the better—forever, if they just got a chance to see for themselves.

So we committed to it. We created Zara tours, and offered wildlife safaris in Tanzania and Kenya. We wanted people around the world to see what it was that was so special about Africa, that no image on a television or passage in a book could ever properly capture. But we also wanted to preserve Africa. Even back then, we already knew and opposed the days of hunters with guns being shown the best places to kill the wildlife that was already in danger even back in the 80s.

1.Our mission was twofold; to help others experience the wonder of Africa, and to impart just how precious and vulnerable it was, without taking away or diminishing from the land itself. We wanted to show Africa to more people, but we didn’t’ want to compromise Africa in the process. We started small, with just a few tours, but our enthusiasm, dedication to our customers, and, of course, the unspoiled, natural treasures of Africa itself captured the imaginations of our customers once the land was given a proper chance to do so.

Today, our Kenya and Tanzania safaris are joined by mountain hikes, scuba expeditions on the ocean, and a chance to meet the Maasai! And now, for our upcoming 30th anniversary, you can enjoy it all at special anniversary pricing between January and June of 2017! Treat yourself to Africa and celebrate our anniversary with us!

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