‘Pink’ Elephant – A Rare Species of Elephants Found in South African Safari Park

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Let us talk about the (pink) elephant in the room. Lately, an extremely rare albino elephant was spotted in South Africa’s MalaMala Private Game Reserve. A video of this adorable three weeks old champagne-pink calf has now gone viral on the Internet.
Speaking of the Pink Elephant, it is a rare occurrence in African elephants, and it’s presence has not been well documented. From the clip, it was hard to point out if the calf is a true albino or if it’s unusual coloring is caused by leucism, a genetic condition causing pigment loss.
Irrespective whether albino or leucistic, this baby elephant has a tough road ahead of it. As animals with skin conditions are often sensitive to the harsh rays of the sun and could also have health problems related to a genetic mutation.
An article on this rare elephant was published by Earth Touch News Network recently –Baby ‘Pink’ Elephant Filmed Frolicking On South African Game Reserve…

“A Call For Sustainable Biodiversity Conservation; The Elephant Can Survive Only If Forests Survive.”

Forest elephants have been diminishing throughout their range during the last several decades.

Therefore, if we do not conserve our environment and forest today, then the day is not far when we will only find the Elephants in photos and videos.


Zara Advocates For Sustainable Biodiversity Conservation To Save The Pink Elephants In South Africa.

Zara Tours is committed to environmental conservation and sustainable tourism. As the saying goes “Towards a journey every step counts” – so is our commitment to realize sustainability, we try to contribute as much as we can and are prepared to help as much as possible for the cause of Elephant Conservation In Africa including this marvelous Pink Elephant In South Africa.

Marvel At The Sight Of The Rare Pink Elephants; A Truly Heart-Warming Sight.

Elephant 3

Nature never misses a surprise. If you perceive that you have seen it all, then we can guarantee that sighting of this rare pink is something you are yet to encounter. Marvel at this unique sight with us on our South African Safari.

Elephants, Ecosystems, And Survival
Did you know elephants are closely affected by the turmoil they face in their families and the ecosystems in which they live?

elephant 4

  • Yes, just like humans elephants share a close bond with nature and family and are adversely affected if any crisis takes place.
  • However, with rising deforestation and continuous poaching activities, elephant species are threatened of being endangered.
  • Elephants are highly adaptable intelligent and masters of survival, which allows them to survive a lifespan of 60-70 years.

About Zara Tours: Zara Tours was established in 1987 in Tanzania, Africa and is one of the Continent’s biggest safari, Operators with leading experience in the region’s Top Tourism hotspots such as the Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, and South Africa. We offer private and group tours and safari experiences from 1 to 30 days. To learn more, visit https://zaratours.com/for more information.

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