Meet The People Of The South

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The wildlife safaris in Tanzania and Kenya, are breathtaking for allowing people to come in contact with some of the most biologically dynamic ecosystems on Earth, but Africa is not just a place for animals, it is a place for people too. Zara Tours celebrates all of Africa, not just the wildlife, and if you’re interested in finding out more about what Africa has to offer, we have a unique opportunity to learn more about Ethiopia and the people of the south.

10 Days With Africans

The journey begins in Addis Ababa, the capital city, center of culture and a home of diplomacy for the region. Here you will get a taste for African city life as well and a quick introduction at the museum to the major cultures of Ethiopia that you are about to encounter.

Your next destination is Arbaminch, but this isn’t just a straight trip to a final destination. Instead, you have the opportunity to wander villages like Oromo to meet the Welayeta and Halaba tribes and see the more down to earth, countryside lifestyle of Ethiopia.

Market life is also an active, important facet of the African experience, and if your tour coincides with the right days of the week, you can have your very own shopping experiences at some of the villages on the way to major sites, such as the UNESCO world heritage site of Konso, or the Dimeka market in Turmi.

But perhaps one of the biggest highlights of the trip is a meeting with the Mursi people at Mago national park. The women decorate themselves by inserting geometric plates in slits in their lips, while the men engage in ritual stick fighting. These are a people unlike any other, and they’re just part of the complete Southern People’s experience we provide.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, involving the wildlife of the continent, we offer a variety of Kenya and Tanzania safaris for people that want the animal experience. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure to have a package that excites you, including treks across unforgettable landscapes, journeys to the ocean where you can take in the beauty of the beaches as well as the marine life, and of course, plenty of opportunity to meet the warm people of Africa and engage in s

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