A Great Tour Is Because Of Great Guides

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mtuiFor centuries, one thing about travel to Africa has never, ever been in dispute; you can’t really appreciate the beauty—or the dangers—of this continent without an experienced guide at your side. The 21st century is very different when it comes to travel experiences. We no longer have British or French colonial soldiers hacking through the jungle with hunting rifles, looking for big cats or elephants to kill and bring home for trophies, but the sense of adventure is still the same. Africa is still largely a wild, untamed land, and the best—and safest—way to experience it  is with someone that knows the land and knows how to make sure travelers have a fulfilling but safe experience. It all comes down to the guide you have, and our wildlife safaris in Tanzania and Kenya have some of the best in the business.

Experience & Enthusiasm

At Zara Tours, we consider ourselves very lucky. We’ve had the great fortune to meet and work with experienced guides that don’t just know Africa, they love the land they live in. And they want to share what makes Africa so special with the groups they meet. Our guides have years of experience, whether it is trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro to allow people to see Africa from a new perspective, or driving across the veldt to reveal the interplay of predator and prey as herds of zebra and antelope coexist nervously with the lions that track and hunt them.


Our Kenya and Tanzania safaris have won accolades from both our customers and professionals within the industry, and that is in no small part thanks to our excellent guides. They have an intimate knowledge of the regions they travel through, and the life that lives within it. And that means that not only do they know where to go, they understand what it means to keep travelers both comfortable and safe as they wander through a world with a very different set of rules from the cities and suburbs they may be more familiar with.

It’s important to us that our guides both share the joy and wonder that is Africa, but temper with this professional consideration for safety and convenience. We are proud that are guides are both professional and understanding, and we hope that our customers enjoy their time with our friendly and experienced staff as they see what Africa has to offer.

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