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Why Should You Visit Tanzania?

The world is big and life is short. There are many places to see all over the globe offering sights and sounds you’ll never experience at home, so with such a huge planet, full of opportunity, and only a single lifetime in which to do it all, why should you go to Tanzania?

The answer is simple. This is one of the few places left in our world where you can still experience a Tanzania Safari adventure.

A True Adventure

Many of us have grown up with imagery of an African safari. Documentaries continue to expose us to the splendour of Africa, while public awareness campaigns constantly remind us of how frail and vulnerable African wildlife can be. Ivory hunting places elephants in danger, while rhino horns continue to be sold on the black market, and magnificent hunters like the world famous Cecil the lion continue to be stalked by human predators.

Tanzania is one of the last refuges where people can still have the adventure of a true African safari tour, seeing the wildebeests, watching lions in their own habitat, and experiencing a brush with nature that is sadly dwindling as we continue to exploit our resources and our wildlife. With a Tanzania safari, you can have an experience unlike any other, getting away from the cold clinical images you see on television to experience the African wilderness for yourself.

You can also visit some of the great natural landscapes of our world Mt. Kilimanjaro, which is the largest mountain in Africa and a very popular climbing destination. Lake Victoria, is the largest tropical lake in the world, and the second largest fresh water lake on the planet, looking more like a sea than a lake when you arrive at its shores. And for those that are interested in culture, the Maasai people of Tanzania offer a rich look into a semi-nomadic way of life that is still an impressive testament to how humanity can live in harmony with nature, rather than attempting to subdue it.

There is no place in the world quite like Africa, and there is no experience of Africa quite like a Tanzania safari. It is an unforgettable journey of sights, sounds, people, landscapes, animals and culture that will live in your heart forever. Tanzania is ready to welcome you and Zara Tours is here to help with your African safari dreams.

Statement: Tanzania offers a taste of the pure African experience that puts you front and center in one of the great landscapes and natural wonders of our planet.

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Reconnect With The Natural World

The 21st century has given us many opportunities and afforded us amazing advances in science and technology. But the changes to our lifestyle, while bringing us convenience and greater means of communication, have ironically disconnected us from our world. Most people  now live a life staring at a screen, seeing the world through a display on their hand, or on a TV in their living room. We see more of the world around us, but increasingly, our chances to be a part of this world have become much rarer.

Zara tours, and our Tanzania safari can change all that for you.

Experience Your World

If you’ve grown too familiar with a life of work, interacting with friends and family through phones and computers, watching the world around on your television at home, maybe it’s time to get out into it. And maybe an African safari tour is the way to bring more color, nature and life into your world.

Africa is the cradle of civilization. It is where humanity as a species took its first steps into the dominance it now has over this planet, and it is where all of our roots lie. A safari in Tanzania is a way to see Africa at its best, most primordial and most natural. The vistas that you’ve only ever seen in film and television are here. Mt. Kilimanjaro looms on the horizon, the vast Lake Victoria dominates the country, and the Great Rift Valley is a natural wonder and habitat.

Choose Your Adventure

Zara Tours has many different experiences at different levels of access to give you exactly the kind of African experience you want to have.

If you’re interested in the legendary of wildlife of Africa, many Tanzania safaris are available that will let you see the vast flocks of flamingos, the herds of Zebra and Wildebeest and even the prides of lions out on the plains of the Serengeti. Even for fans of marine life, there are special trips available to scuba dive in the coral reefs of Zanzibar and Pemba island.

If you’re looking for a journey like those of the past, horseback and even camel trips are offered and carefully managed so you can see what life was like when a trek was much more difficult than getting in a car or plane. Fans of culture can interact with the Maasai, learn tribal skills, and, if you really want to make a difference volunteering with charitable organizations is also available.

Whatever African experience you’re looking for, Zara Tours has something for you. Contact us today to find out how you can enjoy a trip to a more primal, natural, fulfilling part of the world with a Tanzania safari.

Statement: A trip to Tanzania offers many different experiences to people with different interests, whether its cultural, natural or historical.

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