Questions Answered For Your Tanzania Safari Vacation

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A Tanzania safari vacation is a vacation of a lifetime, and we field a lot of questions regarding how to prepare for your safari and what you can expect during your experience. To answer a few of these questions, we want to outline some of our most common and a few answers you can use to determine if this sort of experience is the one for you! Some of our most common questions are:

  • What happens in the case of an accident? – Accidents can happen anywhere, but when travelling in a foreign country, wondering what to do in the case of an accident is common. We can suggest to you things to pack in your own personal first aid kit to carry with you on your safari trip, and we also suggest consulting with your doctor for any other necessities before taking your Tanzanian safari vacation. Should an emergency occur during your trip, travel health care insurance is also recommended to cover any emergency costs.
  • What currency should I carry? – Tanzania uses shillings, but we often suggest US travelers carry US currency during your trip. Bills dated after 2003 are recommended, as older bills may not be taken, and the most widely accepted method of credit is Visa.
  • What will my visa cost? – You will need a visa to visit Tanzania on your Tanzanian safari adventure, and the costs for this visa vary depending on your location. For US passports, the visa cost is around $100, Canadian passport holders can expect to pay around $75, and EU passport holders will pay $50. The visa can be obtained at your country’s Tanzanian embassy.
  • How will I communicate? – The most common languages spoken in Tanzania are Swahili and English, so English speakers will often be able to communicated with Tanzanian natives while shopping, eating, and exploring. A book on Swahili phrases may also be appreciated to bring along on your safari.

There are few experiences like that of a Tanzanian safari, and this is one vacation destination that can leave lasting memories to be treasured by the entire family. Knowing how to prepare for your Tanzanian safari can ensure your trip goes smoothly and the maximum amount of fun is had, which is why we want to make sure your questions are answered and you feel confident about your trip!

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