A Modern Perspective On Tourism

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As overall global relations between individuals are increased via internet access and social networking, there has also been a significant shift in the perspectives that people take on tourism.  At present, many views can greatly influence decision to travel, but changes in how tourism is directed to benefit both travelers and native populations have also created significant benefits in encouraging travel.

African safari tours based out of Tanzania have exhibited some of the strongest results, which has also encouraged more visitors to stay, explore, and even participate in community events for support and fundraising.  As a result, significant advances in the community have been made in regards to:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Disease research
  • Population resources

This also illustrates how different approaches to tourism and a Tanzania safari can facilitate long term benefits to communities and travelers.

The Importance Of A Home Base

For many of our visitors who are new to the idea of an African safari tour, the environment and the local can definitely cause a sense of trepidation, but only because these aspects are so foreign.  To this end, having a home base such as  a luxury hotel and ease this initial anxiety, and can also let travelers know that they always have a familiar space to return to.

However, even in having a comfortable home base, part of the reason tourists will opt for a Tanzania safari is to experience the unknown and the exotic.  As a result, luxury hotels will also provide sound itineraries that can include:

  • Living like a Massai for a day
  • Balloon rides over the Serengeti
  • Actual ride through safaris
  • Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Participating in fundraisers and marathons within the community
  • Touring the market in Zanzibar

Options such as this will also let visitors have the dual experience of familiarity and comfort in traditional hotel accommodations, as well as getting closer to nature and truly seeing the full splendor of the land.

Changing Lives

For both tourists and the general community, visitors who decide to adventure on African safari tours are truly helping to change lives for the better.  Visitors gain life changing experiences through their interactions with wildlife and nature, as well as the expanded perspective on people and life.  For the community, the contributions and especially the participation that tourists offer, make a manifest change for resources and a more sustainable community.


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