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Updated Accommodations Enhance Your Safari Experience

Adventures with Zara Tours are an experience above and beyond the time spent out on safari. Our Tanzania Wildcamps are designed to preserve the safari experience for travelers from beginning to end, making every moment from arrival to departure a memorable one.

So what could improve upon the already comfortable and safe camps deep in the heartlands of Tanzania? Just a little more luxury to enrich your adventure and put the relaxation into your vacation.

Serengeti Wildcamp

Nothing marks the Tanzanian experience like setting foot on the majestic Serengeti. Our wildcamp is near the Southern entrance to the park, centered in this most famous African location. Two new tents open up accommodations to more travelers, bringing the total to 20 tents for 40 possible guests.

Here you can experience first-hand the natural wonders of the black continent. Rest from your safaris against a backdrop of classic landscape, surrounded by the wildlife you came to watch.

Ikoma Wildcamp

Northwest of the Serengeti, this permanent camp boasts 15 tents and 8 round traditional tents called bomas. Recent renovations have transformed this safari haven, further enriching the experience. Stunning views of the savannah surround each of the structures as well as the thatched roof open restaurant.

Choose this wildcamp if you are looking forward to taking a walking safari experience, or are hoping to go on a night drive. As these activities are not allowed inside the Serengeti, Ikoma is the ideal alternative accommodation.

Ngorongoro Wildcamp

As of June 15, perhaps the most exciting update to our accommodations will be the massage service, available only at the Ngorongoro Wildcamp. Recover from your adventures and relax in the skilled hands of our trained masseuses, the perfect end to each full day, and a treat that complements the rigors of your expeditions.

The Karatu area hosts the Ngorongoro crater and its accompanying National Park. In the side of this space, about 140 km from Arusha, lies the Ngorongoro Wildcamp. Made up of 20 spacious tents that can house 2 guests apiece, further renovations for this camp plan to add tents and round bandas, and a reception building to the large dining tent that currently travels with it.

We seek to welcome each guest with all of the hospitality that the vibrant country of Tanzania has to offer. Renovations and upgrades of wild camps welcome guests to embark on a safari in greater style and comfort than ever before.

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A study of more than 3,000 reviews from safari adventurists and industry experts from Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and other guidebooks all agree: Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is the best in all of Africa., an online marketplace for African safaris, set out to put to rest the question of which park was best for African safaris. Serengeti National Park in Tanzania came out on top, which was no surprise to safari enthusiasts. The study reports, after analyzing 3,008 reviews by both safari travelers and top experts in the field, that Serengeti was the clear winner.

A total of 2,234 reviews were contributed by safari tourists from 63 countries. The remaining 774 park reviews were written by renowned experts, including guidebook authors associated with Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Frommer’s, Bradt and Footprint.

The study revealed the Serengeti received an overall rating of 4.91 out of 5 stars. This was the highest score amongst all parks, and thus the Serengeti was crowned Africa’s Best Safari Park.

To add weight to this outcome, safari tourists who visited multiple parks rated the Serengeti an astonishing 16% higher than any other park. The industry experts also rated Serengeti highest. Their reviews tend to be more critical, as they can compare Serengeti to a host of parks they’ve visited in various countries. Regardless, Serengeti came out on top, justifying its first place ranking all the more.

When asked why Serengeti is such a desired safari destination, several repetitive themes emerged: the annual Great Migration (hosting over 2.5 million wildebeest and zebra), top wildlife viewing year-round and endless grass plains that feel like authentic Africa. Also contributing to the choice was Serengeti’s distinction as one of the best places to see most predators including lions, and thousands of wildebeest cross crocodile infested rivers. In addition, visits to the park can be easily combined with other top-class parks of Tanzania.

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