Get Answers! 5 Frequently Asked Questions

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At ZARA Tours, we are committed to providing exceptional, unforgettable, safe and life-changing experiences to all of our customers. Curious about what to expect before embarking on one of our many adventure offerings? Check out five of our most frequently asked questions below and find out. 

  1. While in Tanzania, will I be able to communicate with people in English? Or should I expect a prominent language barrier?

Tanzania’s official and spoken languages are Swahili and English. While most Tanzanians working in the field of tourism can communicate in English, there may be a few instances on your journey where the language barrier will be noticeable. In the countryside, or when communicating with children, local women or individuals with a lower level of education, for example, it may be difficult to communicate in English.

As in most places, it is appreciated by locals if travelers are able to speak some words in their native language—that being Swahili. Pick up a Swahili phrasebook before your trip, and you will be able to master a few key words in no time.

  1. When is it appropriate to tip, and how much?

Tipping is not a local custom in Tanzania—it is common only amongst tourists and expatriates who live in the country. With the growth of tourism throughout the country, however, locals who work in the tourism industry are getting more and more used to the notion of tipping and sometimes, even expect a tip from clients.


Tip amounts will vary depending on the length and complexity, number of staff and number of clients on the trip. Generally, groups will meet before the end of the trek to discuss how much each person would like to tip each staff member, based on their individual trek experience. For more details, see our suggestions for tipping.


  1. Where can I get a visa for Tanzania?

Generally, everyone entering Tanzanian territory must have a tourist visa, and the best place to obtain this is from the Tanzanian Embassy in your country of origin.


  1. Can I send emails, make phones calls or send postcards from Tanzania?
  • Sending Emails: Internet cafes have hit Tanzania, especially in the central area of the cities. While prices tend to be cheap, the connection speed can sometimes be disappointing. However, luckily for our guests, Zara has free Wi-Fi connection on all its properties. For more information on tipping, refer to our guide.
  • Making Phone Calls: Telecommunications in Tanzania is generally good, and ZARA Tours’ Springland Hotel and Highland Hotel have international fax and telephone services. You can even use a standard GSM mobile phone, but if you plan on using it a lot, you might consider purchasing a local SIM card.
  • Sending Mail: The post is reasonably reliable in Tanzania. While it may take some time for standard post services to deliver your mail to its destination, there are courier services, such as DHL and EMS, available.


  1. What currency should I carry with me?

Smaller amounts are usually paid in Shilling (the official currency of Tanzania,) whereas larger amounts of money are paid in US dollars. However, local shops accept Shillings only.


For more details and information, visit our FAQs page.






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