Exploring the Parallels Between Climbing Kilimanjaro and Entrepreneurship

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On the surface, entrepreneurship and mountain climbing may not seem directly related. But with further investigation, the traits and choices needed to be successful in each of these tremendous endeavors naturally go hand-in-hand. To illustrate the similarities, let’s review some commonalities shared between the two.

Knowing that Knowledge is Power

Before planning a successful trek up Mount Kilimanjaro (or any mountain for that matter), successful climbers research all they can about the area: the mountain itself, different routes, altitude sickness, and the local peoples. All of this knowledge becomes the tools they have to deal with the different situations that may arise on the mountain.

Likewise, entrepreneurs find out all they can about their particular market, their competitors, and any other information imperative for them to make intelligent decisions—these then become their tools. The novice climber and the experienced mountaineer or the budding entrepreneur and the more seasoned businessman all know that knowledge is truly power and they choose to never stop learning.

Celebrating Arrivals & Every Subsequent Milestone

Celebrate your arrival at base camp. You may have a long way to go before you reach the summit, but realize what an accomplishment it is to reach base camp. It is the same with the early milestones in setting up your business. The road is long and tough but it is important to take the time to celebrate the successes along the way and then to evaluate how you met your goals and what steps need to be taken to get to your next goal.

Surrounding Yourself with People You Trust

The experienced mountain guides and the hard working porters are an integral reason why a climber succeeds in his or her trek up Kilimanjaro. Their expertise keeps you hopeful and focused on your climb. They also help you to make the best decisions even when you may be struggling mentally and physically. Surrounding yourself with a competent team of people you trust is also integral to a successful business plan. The team keeps you motivated; they help to pinpoint weakness and strategies to overcome them. Entrepreneurs must build a cohesive team—and learn to trust them.

Conquering Multiple Summits

Many climbers who have summated Kilimanjaro look forward to their next challenge and their next summit. They sit on top of the peak of one mountain and look to reach for the next challenge. They are not satisfied with only one success—they look for more. Many of these climbers reach peak after peak and they make it a life long challenge of theirs.

It is also the same with an entrepreneur. The market, the technology, the competitors… they are always changing. The best entrepreneurs are always looking ahead—for their next summit. The best mountaineers and entrepreneurs have a drive that keeps pushing them forward from one mountain to the next.

Take the Next Steps

If you are a budding entrepreneur or a novice mountaineer, take some time to think about how you can use these tools to make your next summit a success! For more information regarding the best Kilimanjaro tours, please contact Zara Tours today.

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