Why do People Mountain Climb?

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Why do people climb mountains? This is a question that we have been asked ever since we started offering Kilimanjaro tours. While the question itself may seem straightforward, the answer certainly proves less so.

The fact of the matter is people climb mountains for several different reasons. There isn’t one all-encompassing explanation that will fit every climber. True, some people may think those who do are: courageous, thrill seekers, daredevils, risk takers, or conquerors, but does that really tell you why someone would take on a mountain? Let’s look at the question from a different angle.

What’s My Motivation?

It takes a lot of determination to participate in a Kilimanjaro tour. That’s a 14,000 foot trek to the summit. The thing is that determination is made long before you set foot on the mountain. Something drives you to set this goal and meet it.

When famous climber, Sir George Mallory, was asked this question after one of his expeditions, he said, “Because it’s there.”

His response remains a favorite among climbers, but mostly for its anecdotal value. There’s nothing of substance in the answer, and it turns out that substance is something many climbers are in desperate pursuit of.

That substance can come in the form of booking a Kilimanjaro tour in memory of someone else, raising awareness for a particular organization or cause, or climbing to raise money for an organization or support sustainable tourism. There are more personal goals too. Surviving a trauma or an illness will often leave people looking for a way to accomplish something, and thereby, attain a fresh start.

Reaching a Higher Goal

Whatever the motivation, the experience of a Kilimanjaro tour allows you to walk away with a difference perspective.

One climber said that mountain climbing is his way of achieving a state of grace. All of the possible pain, volatile weather conditions, emotional strain, and personal investment has to go toward something. It speaks to accomplishment.

The sense of achievement after something like that is as transforming as it is addictive. That’s part of what keeps people coming back to Tanzania over the long-term. Climbers reach one goal and they want to set others.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to repeat an excellent experience or add to the ones you already have. The key is to have the right guidance with you along the way.

That’s where Zara Tours comes in. We have some of the best porters in the region. They know the best routes to suggest for any climber from novice to expert. They can show you a different side of Kilimanjaro that you might otherwise miss with another tour company. Perhaps, best of all, portions of your costs not only support them, but also the communities in which they live. That way, as people continue to conquer Kilimanjaro, they are also sustaining the lives of others. Meeting one individual dream can fill the dreams of an entire community.

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