Three Vacations in One: The Features That Make Tanzania Special

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What do the words “safari,” “Kilimanjaro,” and “Zanzibar” have in common? Tanzania, of course. Most tourists who have never been to Eastern Africa before are shocked to learn that the region isn’t just safari, Kilimanjaro, or Zanzibar, but all three.

There are many different terrains, sights, and landmarks in Tanzania as a whole. If you are planning to come here for an once-in-a-lifetime trip, we encourage you to explore all that this country has to offer.

The Many Sides of Tanzania

Visitors usually start their time here with a specific goal in mind. Some want to see the African plains and wildlife. Others have a life goal of reaching Kilimanjaro’s summit. If you plan it correctly, as far as timing is concerned, you may be able to do all of that and more during your stay.

There is almost always something to see on a safari. The liveliest time is during breeding season right before the Great Migration. That is when the plains are teaming with new life and the air is full of anticipation as you await the passage of the throng into Kenya.

There are plenty of unique photo opportunities during activities like: taking a safari, hiking Kilimanjaro, and visiting Zanzibar. While trekking Kilimanjaro, your guides can take you through different regions on your way to the summit. There are famous stopping points along the way that will give you the chance to add to your trip photos, but nothing quite prepares you for the view from the summit.

Going Offshore

The East African coastline has an amazing array of things to do. There are areas that are closer to a resort-style and areas that are still somewhat wild.

You can spend the day flying a kite, enjoying the beach, or doing fun activities in this little-known locale. Of course, all of this is just a cross-section of what is actually available.

Zara Tours can help you customize your travel package if you want to see all of these things and more during your stay. Be advised, it would most likely have to be one of our extended packages, due to the extensive amount of ground being covered in a single trip, but don’t worry because our company can put together your dream trip for you.

If you are ready to see what this region of the world has to offer, we are here to help you take advantage. Simply contact our staff, and get started today.

What you see on the page doesn’t compare to what you will carry back with you after your trip has ended. Those are memories you will keep for life, and that is the way it should be!

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