Mt. Kilimanjaro Treks – It’s All About Timing

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Mt. Kilimanjaro treks are held all year long, but there are better times and worse times over a 12 month span to climb the mountain’s summit. A lot of tourists plan their trips around the migratory patterns of the animals on the plains below.

This is acceptable, but going by that determination alone might cause you to miss something spectacular. Mt. Kilimanjaro treks can show you Africa from a different vantage point.

Changing Perspectives – The Signature Beauty of a Mountain Climb

Many visitors believe that it goes without saying that the best time to climb Kilimanjaro is during the warm summer months. However, we’d like to add our own caveat to this popular statement: there is another ideal time that a lot of tourists overlook.

The tracking window from January through mid-March is ideal for visitors who want to see the beauty of the mountain, but avoid the drawbacks of a crowded climb.

Unlike the summer months, the weather is cool, but pleasant. You can still access many of the sightseeing routes along the way to the summit. It is a much less treacherous time to travel and you should complete the climb either during, or just in time for the Great Migration.

Believe it or not, that’s your signal to begin the descent and return to the African plain. Mt. Kilimanjaro trekking tends to taper off at the end of March and not return to full swing until June. The change of seasons can make time on the mountain very difficult. In fact, very few tourist organizations endorse climbing the mountain at that time of year.

A Soul Connection: Reasons People Climb Kilimanjaro

It’s not uncommon for climbers to choose a quieter time of year to make their trek. Why? Many of them reached the summit for personal reasons.

Be it in memory of someone else, as part of a fundraiser or charity event, or just as an opportunity to do some soul-searching, people come to Kilimanjaro for all sorts of reasons. That’s another aspect of why we tell tourists that the window from January to March is ideal.

If you have a specific goal in mind and you do not wish to be distracted from it, March is the perfect month to travel. Take advantage of the general solitude of your climb by making sure you plan a trip in the off-season.

Information about Kilimanjaro weather patterns is available online. It’s a good way for you to narrow down the right time for your travel plans. If you need help figuring out the logistics of your plan, contact Zara Tours.

We can coordinate your trek so that it is timed perfectly.

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