A Wilderness of One: The Appeal of an Africa Safari

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The Africa safari, no matter where it takes place, paints a picture of an entire continent. Visitors are introduced to the sprawling savanna that covers Tanzania, Kenya, Zanzibar and other corners of these vast and wild countries. Wildlife exists here in the millions and it’s surrounded by great mountain peaks and mist-cloaked volcanoes.

People that come here are forever affected by the experience – touched by something indescribable, and impressed beyond measure whereby they not only return to Africa, but share the Africa safari experience with others.

A Wilderness of One

There are many different types of Africa safaris to choose from. One of the most popular times to travel between Tanzania and Kenya is during the Great Migration, when the crux of African wildlife moves from one reserve to the other during the dry season. There’s nothing quite like witnessing this unpredictable, but certain event for yourself.

There are also solitary travelers among the tourists that have come to see the more commercial side of this signature destination. The solitary traveler is not satisfied with the path that everyone else has treaded upon. They want to see something truly special that they can hold as their own. It might be staying for an Africa safari in the off-season or trekking Kilimanjaro by a lesser-known route.

Whatever the idea may be, our staff has helped thousands of people make the most of their African getaway. Even if your idea of the ultimate trip is luxury camping or staying at a beach resort, we have packages that accommodate every taste.

Tourism with Impact

Sustainable tourism has left its mark on Africa over the past two decades. The goals of preservation and conservation have also affected the hearts of tourists that come to the area.

It’s not unheard of for visitors who desire to see sustainability at work to come and participate in charity work or plan a special trip that centers on a charity climb. It’s important that if you want to make this a part of your trip, you speak with Zara Tours well in advance. Charity events follow a specific schedule throughout the year. To make sure that you attend the one you most desire, get your information early.

It’s a good idea to review your Africa safari options before making your final decision. You may be surprised at what ends up appealing to you. Use the guidelines on our website to get a clear overview of what’s available.

Whatever you choose, it is certain to make a lifelong impact. Be prepared for the experience to leave its mark. Don’t be surprised if you immediately feel the urge to return to this wild and wondrous place. You’re not alone, and we look forward to counting you among good company.

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