5 Reasons to Travel to Tanzania (From a Tourist’s Perspective)

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Why do people travel? Tanzania-based Zara Tours decided to answer this question from the traveler’s perspective.

We spent some time looking through the pictures, comments, and journal entries our tour groups have posted online over the past few months.

We used the information to compile a list of the top reasons people travel. Tanzania is just one of many destinations you can choose from, but here’s what former visitors have to say about it:

A Page from the Collective Travel Guide: 5 Reasons to Travel

Reason #1: “I like the adventure of it.” Human beings are hardwired for adventure. Be it a mountain trek or a traditional African Safari, visitors are exhilarated by the sheer experience of it all.

Besides, where else can a lion bask in the shade provided by a caravan of jeeps? Or can a tourist camp on the edge of a crater? Whether you want to watch the sunrise on a mountaintop or spend a couple of days soaking up local culture, Tanzania has enough adventure to go around.

Reason #2: “It gives me real world perspective.” Different cultures will change the way you look at the world. Being “plugged in” isn’t always the best way to see what’s really going on around you. Spending time volunteering in the community can help you reconnect with your own sense of community.

Reason #3: “I finally am at a point in my life where I can travel. Tanzania is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go.” Accomplishing a life goal takes more than putting it on a list and telling yourself that one day you’ll cross it off.

Goals are meant to be planned for. Even if you have to wait for the right time to accomplish them, don’t let the things you’ve always dreamed of sit at home collecting dust. Travel brings your wish list to life.

Reason #4: “I decided to embrace an educational opportunity that came my way.” We see quite a few student travelers come to Tanzania. You can get a traditional education through a college or university, but travel will teach you things memorization and research never could.

A semester abroad will immerse you in a culture more fully and stretch the boundaries of what you think you already know.

Reason #5: “I’m up for a challenge. I like to experience new things.” Travel is definitely full of both challenges and new things. All you need to do is open yourself up to embrace all possibilities. Even if something doesn’t turn out the way you thought, there’s always something you can learn from it.

These are a few good reasons to start traveling, but the best reasons are the ones you discover for yourself. It’s never too early to start planning your trip. We have plenty of affordable options to choose from. Simply select the package that piques your curiosity. Contact Zara Tours and you can add your own reasons to the list. After all, isn’t that what travel is all about?

Travel and Experience with Zara Tours

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