How Tanzania is Changing the Face of Tourism

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Tourism is referred to as the lifeblood of many foreign countries and popular destinations. Where Tanzania is concerned, the statement certainly applies. The largest country in Eastern Africa, Tanzania is located just south of the equator and next-door to the Serengeti. This vantage point offers tourists the chance to see many different sides of Africa in one place.

Tourism Activities for Everyone

From the classic safari trip to the view from Kilimanjaro’s summit, and the beaches and wilderness in between, this country holds something for everyone. Over 950,000 annual tourists can’t be wrong. The wildlife areas are arguably the most popular to visit. They attract almost 95% of the total tourist population, but recently, more focus has been put on the beaches and other attractions in the area. Putting the coastline under development is one way The Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism hopes to attract more tourists to the diverse areas of the country.

Tourism makes up a large portion of Tanzania’s revenue. It has a welcome place in the lives and communities of the country. When the recession hit, there was some concern over the sustainability of the tourism industry, which inspired a new kind of tourism throughout the country. It’s called geo-tourism or sustainable tourism.

The idea is simple: decrease the negative impact of commercial tourism on the environment and the people who rely on the environment to live. Create instead a tourism that preserves the land and its wonders for future generations. Also, use that tourism to support and sustain the local community. Tanzania has spearheaded this movement and continues to invest in opportunities that uphold these basic principles.

Transforming from an Industry to a Movement

You may be wondering if changing the structure of tourism changes the experience by proxy. If there are changes to report, they are for the positive. By supporting countries and communities that have transformed an industry into a movement, you become part of that movement without sacrificing any of the things that drew you to Tanzania in the first place. The biggest difference is that you get to see your tourist dollars at work.

A portion of all of the revenue you bring into the country is used to support education, child welfare, job creation, and financial programs. Tourists frequently amend their schedules to visit a sustainably sponsored site or see programs and services in action. It offers others a way to see how their trip is making a difference in the lives of others.

All of these things make tourism in Eastern Africa a unique experience. In many ways, it is a land like no other. Talk to the experts at Zara Tours about a trip you’ll never forget. There’s so much to see, do, and impact; don’t be surprised if a return trip is in order. You’re always welcome to come back. That’s what keeps the world moving forward. Contact Zara Tours for more information.

Make a Difference in Tanzania with Zara Tours

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