Different Motivations for Visiting the Same Destination

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People use the word “best” a lot. It is an association with quality, something unique, gaining a wealth of knowledge, and doing good in the world around you. These same descriptors could be used in a conversation about the best safari in Africa. In fact, at Zara Tours, we can tell you all of these descriptors apply, even if each traveler comes on safari with a different motivation.

A Benchmark Moment: The Tourist’s Perspective of Going on a Safari

The best safari in Africa actually starts long before you are trekking through the protected plains of the country. It starts with why you decided to take this trip in the first place. This is one instance where the idea of following many paths to one goal is clearly illustrated.

Going on the best safari in Africa may start out as a collective goal, but it is the serious traveler who achieves that goal. When they get here, they not only see the beauty of Africa firsthand, they meet like-minded people from all walks of life. It’s this combination of shared experience that shapes the kind of trip they will have.

  • Couples on their honeymoon usually focus on luxury-level safaris, unless they both like camping out under the stars. This makes for a more intimate shared experience between two people.
  • Tourists with families or an educational interest will try to experience several things in the duration of a single trip. This could include a shorter safari trip, a day trip to Kilimanjaro, crater camping, and a Maasai adventure.
  • Tourists with a vested interest in visiting Tanzania can come learn all about sustainable tourism. We offer packages that include a visit to various charity sites that are supported by tourist dollars. This allows people who are interested to see their dollars at work.
  • There are also individuals who come to Tanzania with a specific goal in mind. That goal could be to privately experience the best safari in Africa or to participate in a local charity event, like the Malaria Awareness Marathon.

There are packages available for every interest and age group.

Save the Date: Picking the Best Time to Travel

Some of these goals can be met on any day, at any time; others have to be planned far in advance.

Luxury accommodations need to be booked far in advance. Certain safari sites are inaccessible during monsoon season and direct participation in charity events will require advance notice, registration, and planning ahead. Once you’ve picked a timeframe and trip package that meets your goals, spend time researching the region you will be visiting.

The Zara Tours website has helpful information about Tanzania as well as packing tips and sneak peeks to help you prepare for your trip. Use these resources and more to learn about the country you’ll be visiting.

Zara Tours is a dedicated provider of trips that make a difference. Be a part of our next safari and see your goals realized.

Zara CTA

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