Kilimanjaro Trips: Sharing the Wealth of Africa with One Another

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Kilimanjaro trips do more than just take you to the “Roof of Africa” and back. A portion of the proceeds supports the local community through Zara Charities. One beneficiary of this support is the Kilimanjaro Orphanage Center.

The goals of the center are simple. They provide for the basic needs of each child (food, clothing, and shelter). They make sure every child receives an education. They work to improve the community around them. The dedication of the staff and the generosity of others have allowed the orphanage center to keep its doors open and continue its good work.

A Progress Report

Visitors on Kilimanjaro trips are welcome to spend a few extra days volunteering at the orphanage center. Participants like it so much that we have gotten numerous requests for progress reports. Zara Charities is not one to disappoint. Here are the latest developments we’d like to share with you:

  • We’ve been able to expand the on-site dormitories and bathroom facilities.
  • The children are now able to travel to and from the center by private school bus.
  • Our self-sustaining food project was so successful that the maize crop fed not only the orphanage occupants, but also our preschoolers.
  • Our academic support drive has its first advanced degree graduate.

Some of our former travelers may remember Mr. Victor. He was accepted into the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical School after working at the orphanage center for about a year. Due to your ongoing support, the center was able to sponsor him during his studies. He has completed his coursework and will return to the center as its on-site doctor.

As you know, the orphanage center focuses on all aspects of the children’s education. This includes academics, health and spiritual wellness. We make it a point to cover topics like AIDS/HIV awareness and Malaria prevention with the students. We provide support for all of the differing spiritual beliefs as well.

Getting Involved

If what you’ve read inspires you to book your own Kilimanjaro trip, please do so. There are ways you can help out more directly with our charity efforts.

Every year we host a Malaria awareness run, charity mountain treks, and other local fundraising events. Book your trip well in advance so that you can be sure to participate. As we have already mentioned, there are charity opportunities available to you through the orphanage center as well. These are just some of the ways your involvement in tourism makes a difference in Tanzanian communities.

Hiking Kilimanjaro or taking a safari tour does more than just give you an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Your trip sustains and impacts the life blood of everything that is around you. It insures the survival of the current environment and its inhabitants, but it also preserves that environment for future generations to prosper from and enjoy.

For more information on booking Kilimanjaro trips or safari tours, please visit our website and find out how you can help vulnerable groups in a developing country like Tanzania.

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