Check it off the Bucket List: Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

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A college friend of mine kept a bucket list. When we met, neither of us knew that by the time we were seniors she would be able to cross one of those goals off of her list. Surprisingly, it was an unlikely line item; especially for someone so young. Climbing Kilimanjaro isn’t a chance a lot of twenty-something’s take, but she did, and she did so with gusto.

My friend’s opportunity came through a study abroad program in Africa. She spent a semester there exploring and learning about the culture and history of the continent.  One of the outings involved a picnic in the mountains. Little did she know, she would spend most of that day climbing Kilimanjaro, enjoying a picnic, and then gearing up for the decent. At 5 in the morning stateside my phone rang. Groggy and confused I picked it up and the words, “I did it! I actually did it,” greeted my ears. She proceeded to excitedly recount her day; neither one of us cared about the time difference anymore. It remains one of the best wake-up calls of my life.

Of course, there is one thing people don’t tell you at that age: sometimes you don’t just take an opportunity, you create it. That’s what Zara Tours is all about. So for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of climbing Kilimanjaro, and still want to cross it off your bucket list, now’s your chance. This article will tell you more about what Zara Tours has to offer.

The Joy of Embracing Opportunities

If standing on “the roof of Africa” has been a lifelong dream, the guides and staff at Zara Tours understand your passion. For over two decades, we have led adventure seekers from around the world on a pilgrimage up the mountainside.

Kilimanjaro stands among the seven fabled summits of the Earth. It is known for the epiphany-giving powers it bestows on the brave and determined climbers that reach itsClimbing Kilimanjaro with Zara Tours summit. The challenge and the revelation continue to draw people to the mountain year after year. That said; to safely and successfully complete this trek you need the services of Tanzania’s number one Kilimanjaro outfitter. Enter Zara Tours.

Our tour company has access to multiple routes up the mountain. We use our experience and knowledge of the terrain to keep you sure-footed and provided-for all through your trek. We can arrange climbs for small groups (6 people or less), large groups, or private climbs.

All climbs include:

  • Free airport transit
  • Hotel stays (if applicable)
  • Internet service (if applicable)
  • Meals

Departures are made on a daily to weekly basis. We are currently booking for all climbs from April to June. Contact us through: for more information.

What’s the point of having a bucket list if it’s just collecting dust? Pull it out of your desk drawer, put on your hiking boots, and find out what it feels like to embrace opportunity; climb Kilimanjaro today!

Book your next African Safari Tour with Zara Tours


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